James Ward

Revolutionary Greetings, by James Ward

I know its been some time since I sent a blog of my own, so I really wanna take this time to let everybody know what’s been goin on in my life. So, if everybodies ready to read, to take a look into my life in prison, its a lot to be said.
Well! If y’all been followin my Facebook, you should know I was beat and jumped on last year on June 14th by 5 officers. Its a lot of details concerning the case, so I’m not gonna go into all that right now. But if anybody wants to know more bout it in depth or jus reach out, you can login to my jpay at jpay.com. I currently have a Lawsuit in bout what happened.
Months later on August 1st tho, my communication was mysteriously cut off, phone and jpay. I didn’t do nothin wrong, but found out I was put on investigation per the Ohio Director of Prisons for some odd reason. So then the National Prison Strike came up on August 21st and I didn’t have no way to communicate with nobody to let then know what was goin on, but another comrade managed to get word out bout us. We was the only two that participated in the Strike here in Ohio. And for a whole month they had our communication cut off.
Before I forget. The day after Thanksgivin my tablet got broke by another prisoner on purpose. This is mainly why I haven’t been sendin any blogs of my own til now. I jus got a new tablet.
To make a long story short tho. For my Lawsuit I put in last year, I was beat on again while in the infirmary on a hunger strike protestin my rights on February 22nd. I was sittin on my bed watchin T.V when 3 officers came in my cell and jumped me. My face was swollen and my ribs was in pain to the point I thought they was broke. Then false reports were wrote on me to make it look like I started it and to get me put on suicide watch. The officers said I had a razor blade to my neck, so they came in my cell to prevent me from harmin myself. They said I then started throwin punches at them, so everybody looked at me as the suspect…until later on when things really got looked into and investigated by the prison and Ohio State Patrol. Now 2 of those officers are on Administrative leave. They let the other officer slip thru the crack and also the 2 nurses that knew it was bout to happen. It was a preplanned attack on my life. But the thing bout all of this, is that I had no real help when it all took place.
For years I been standin on my own 2 feet in here, strugglin and tryna get by, facin retaliation after retaliation, discrimination and judgement. I’ve reached out to many organizations to try and get connected, to get support, etc but all I get is newsletters (Black and Pink, Workers World, IWOC) or people jus wantin to write. And I’ve seen many prisoners go thru this lack of support issue here in Ohio, which is what really inspired me to work on my project, somethin better. And to be honest, none of this would be possible for me if I didn’t have at least one real friend out there. She’s the one that made it possible for me to get this new tablet so I can continue my work, created a fundraiser to help me with phone calls and envelopes to try and get connected with more people. She’s been there from the start, but its only so much she can do to help. But a lot of times I feel discouraged, cause I need a team in order to do what I’m tryna doin. I can’t do it on my own and I’m not someone that jus wants to have pen pals, to jus write letters…I wanna stand up and make real changes for all of us prisoners.
If its anybody out there that wants to know more bout what I’m doin, I’m askin you to please get in contact with me by jpay. Its free to set up an account and its not jus bout sendin money. I’m not lookin for money unless your willin to help, you can then donate to my fundraiser on my Facebook posted on April 2nd, this year. But all you have to do is login to jpay.com by creatin an account and go to add an inmate, then provide my info: James Ward #a517461 at Toledo Correctional Institution in Ohio. You can then email me your number if you’d rather talk on the phone, which I can pay for all phone cost. I’m lookin for someone that I can work with, to manage my Facebook and Twitter, that can get me in contact with others and really get the ball rollin. I need someone that has time and experience, that can do interviews with me over the phone on Facebook live or to jus post things. If you don’t have much experience, I can teach you. But I need someone that’s gonna be bout business, someone I can trust and depend on to get in touch with if somethin goes down in here. But anybody, experience or not, can reach out to me if you want to know more or get involved.
My projects bout gettin the truth out bout what really goes on in prisons, to get prisoners real help. And each prisoner on the inside that gets involved to get their stories out is gonna need someone on the outside to help them, to communicate with. But this isn’t gonna be possible unless I can get the ball rollin. Think of your own loved ones locked up, friends or family. We all struggle in many ways in here, whether its injustice or not. Its stories to be heard from behind these walls and real help needed. Many of us in here are actually innocent to, but even a lot of the guilty ones have made changes, so I’m hopein that many of you can see the truth and step up to help. Nothin in life is perfect. The courts and so-called justice system is flawed jus like many other things. So I’m really hopein to hear from many of you, to really make real change. You can friend request my Facebook and follow me there/send comments, but I have nobody managin it as of now. So my hope is that you reach out. Jpay.com.

James Ward
DOC #a51746

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