Dennis Watson

What Do I Pray For? by Dennis J. Watson

What do even pray for? To build a family & away from it to be torn… Seventeen hundred storms I’ve conformed to just to be depressed in… They say all the best things we wait for we don’t get & lose faith in… Friends are something that is lost when luxury blinds them… Religion is just restriction to the knots that bind they… My limbs are tired, weak & in need of peace… I’ve been seeking for years & found nothing but manipulation & deceit… If I’ve repeated this life before then why did I come back to it? Just to find out if it’s a different way I’d react to it? We act a certain way because they say God is listening… According to that last statement if the innocent is so innocent then why couldn’t God prevent a thing? Makes you think don’t it… If a gun is what’s keeping me safe you’d be a fool to think I wouldn’t tote it… I don’t promote violence until mindless people try to silence the lambs… Even if I wasn’t Moorish the last thing I’d be going is ham… Similar to slamming 10,000 daggers in an already overworked & agonizing prostate… If these things are so unclean you try to feed me why on earth over it do I pray? They say all meat contains fecal matter & the last time I check most people’s words & intentions contain the same shit… Just like the flame that burned since the beginning of time struggles to stay lit… We survive in unfit conditions & suffer in detentions because our pension isn’t healthy enough… With all these bills, debt, & unfulfilled dreams I’ve had bowing my head is not enough… Plus, you don’t even answer… You’re supposed to be the one to enhance my calm through all my tantrums… Somewhere along the lines someone lied, because God lets the innocent die too… When everyone leaves except this 45 caliber pistol who is there left to confide to? The wrongfully convicted sat it that electric chair & fried too… Hell, even slavery failed us black folks for a long time & now it’s back to claim us times 2… Who do I reach, when no one even speaks back explicitly & even I would except that… I just think it’s unfair that… wait, life itself is a bear trap set in concrete apparatus to snap & have us hanging on a wardens wall of nappy heads… Samson just wasn’t enough huh? To let a black man wrestle you cut his dreads… Damn shame what we’ve come to… This is the same God they created to control & combust you… Must you, feed me your evil synagog preacher kid fuckery & it’s usually little boys… Ministers can’t convince me that they aren’t modern day pimps & choose the soothing allure… Lord knows right? All we know is fight or flight… In the land of country time lemonade Adam & eve were the 1st ones right? Better read the bible closer, or can you tell me where Kane & Abel’s kids came from? Hmm… Who am I praying to? Whether it’s 5 times a day or if someone has thrown shade the answers always delay to move… Even if gathered in 2 or more it doesn’t move any faster… If I’m your son, & I’m created in your imagine, then why do I feel like such a bastard? The one that you pass over… According to the law of karma it almost impossible to even get past without owing… I’m a lot slower in my age to say anything about faith… Until the truth comes out, we’re a millennium past mistakes… Faith by sight… so if I don’t follow your teachings it’s stoning by night… why do I want to pray to this? Where parents kill their kids & vice versa in a world where vengeance lives… The same place where they take everything from you, so it makes it harder to give… Honestly, what do I pray for?

Dennis J. Watson
DOC #A632936

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