Shara Cooper

It’s Just A Season, by Shara Cooper

False accusations.
It’s all just a season.

It’s all just a season.

It’s all just a season.

Each one must know that it won’t always be like it is
because it’s all just a season.

It is a fact that life happens in seasons.
Just as winter naturally turns into spring
and summer changes to fall,
so it is with the atmosphere in our lives individually.

One must know… It WON’T always be like the way that it is right now.

To understand this fact helps the soul that is sad and heavy
to not wollow in sorrow but rather hope for the future.

To hold onto this fact brings light and life
into the very dark places of those weary and burdened with pain.

Seasons come and seasons go.
The worst of times must change into better times.

I encourage you to hold on, be strong,
and smile in the face of difficulty
because a change must come!
It’s just a season!

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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