Jeremy Ervin

Introduction Blog, by Jeremy Ervin

Name: Jeremy Ervin #389956, W / M D.O.B.: 8 / 15 / 1979 = age 39,

Intake date: 3/30/2016, release year: 2026, Doing a10 year sentence.

Hi, my name is Jeremy, I like to say I’m a down to Earth guy, Simple, caring, and meek person from the heart. One with the outdoors, Camping, Fishing, Hiking etc, But love to just sit and watch a good movie and spend time with loved ones. I believe in loyalty and friendship. I believe everything happens for a reason, and all good things take time.
I’m in a time of my life where I’m climbing out of a deep pit- reaching for the Stars. Along my journey I’ve learned I needed help and it’s OK to ask for help. You can’t do it on your own. Help only leads to success and a bright future.
My thinking was: change people places and things and I would be Ok “NO” I forgot about me. I also needed an over-haul (I was tore up.)
I’m 39, never been married, and always feel short of real love. How my heart longs to fall in love and into true happinesses. I believed for 3 years I was a Daddy of a Beautiful littly girl Jaydin AKA “Jaydabug”, She is still much of my daily thoughts and my happy place I wander to in my mind, I write letters to her and put them up with hope of one day to give them to her and to just tell her I Never stopped thinking or loving her or wanting to be her Dad and a part of her life, and I’m so sorry. She is my wish and prayer come true. I didn’t understand at the time and I made some poor decisions. But, I’m the blame for our separation. How I wish I could turn back time I would give anything to just hold her and sing her our song and tell her I will never walk away from her life. She never left my thoughts and you are Loved truly, Bug!
Over the years my world has fallen apart in many ways: Coming to prison, Losing Jaydin, My separating from a women i put my trust into-However, I must be honest I got what I deserved. Losing my Mother in 2017 Broke my heart and spirit. Being in prison having to deal with my loss, had to be put on hold and dealt with a little at times. I don’t have an understanding of what truly happen and why she was took so soon at only 52 she surely did have Many more years to spend with us.
I have 3 other brothers and were a very disfunctional family. We’re so distant from each other now days. My heart hurts, I long to have the bond and the embrace of my family at my side. It’s just a far off wish and prayer of mine. Our life and the troubles allowed us to drift with out loyalty to one another and kindling our love for one another to be a family.
I must say I haven’t been the good brother or son myself. I just jumped off the porch vagabonding ready to meet the world, young and dumb. low educated, I thought I had it all figured out, only to learn I was out of control lost. 17 I was on my way to prison till I turned 30. Upon my release from Angola I thought I had a new start in life. But the only thing I was ready for was trouble. Within 4 years I was back into trouble. Going to prison at a young age, when I came home I still acted as a kid doing kid like stuff. I really didn’t understand. Still in a state of immaturity. Still low educated and not understanding real world things I was getting along to get along. I didn’t have the slightest clue what was really going on I was lost. “Just imagine yourself in a far away place The Bush in South Africa all you can depend on is what you see others doing and just mimic them to live”. I was trying to be a man in a world of craziness that I was lost in. I went to prison when Pagers had just recently came out. I came home to IPhone 4. I must say in prison technology is non existent.
Since my imprisonment. I’ve learned this time how to educate myself. The new found love to express with words and not actions. I’m blown away at all I didn’t understand about life. Knowing is Power.
Working my criminal case to get back my freedom and back to life. I have hope and faith and a lot of prays the Louisiana Supreme Court will grant my Appeal. If not I have my Post Conviction and errors from my trial. It’s a long fight a lot of red tape but in the end the system in place always prevails to the seeker.
But I must say the BIGGEST and best change in my life has been: Learning about Jesus Christ and asking Him into my life and truely walking in my fullness in Christ. When I was at my lowest filthy with sin and all my hurt and let downs lost and the only thing I heard was “I can fix it trust me”. In my pit I was ready to give up. Until the the Lord opened up the heavens and shined His greatness on a lost soul a wretch like me. I see in my spirit: Me on the Lords shoulders Him saying I’ve been waiting on you let’s get you fixed up and clothed in your rightness, your a King and my son. I’m my spirit as the Lord ministered to me He said I don’t make quitters only finishers run your race PUSH my strength is sufficient. So here I am today Just blown away just saying Thank you Lord. Pushing! No longer sad hurt and full of guilt but happy loved content where I am today. Seeing the Lord is everything and being just a vessel to be used in the right place at the right time to say the right thing to the right person at the right time. Thank you Lord.
So dear Friends if I could leave you with a word to grow with it was’nt about my troubles and misbehaving or even about a hard life its all about a life here and now but, Life after life knowing one day I will hit my mark and the words that will be said: “Well done my son come on in”. With love I sign off be encouraged nothing is to hard for the Father. Always know He’s only a prayer away from a miracle in your life.

Jeremy Ervin #389956
R.L.C.C. Caj. 1. B-2
1630 Prison Road
Cotton port, LA 71327

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