James Harris Jr.

The Worse of the Worse, by James Harris

TITLE: the worse of the worse (everyday life in SOCF)

life in lucasville,will either make you or break you
if you come in the wrong color,they automacticlly hate you
if you rebel against what they say or do, they lock you up and they mace you
ain’t no winning down here and ain’t no hero’s to save you
everybody know what’s going on, but don’t nobody give a fuck
the inmates that they’re doing wrong ,they ain’t even speakin up
a few brothers try to stand strong, but they retaliate by beating us up
they locked a brother up last week for saying “don’t shoot my hands up”
I try to tell brothers to stand up,or they’ll fall for anything
but they only care about, who got their bands up and how they ball in skinny jeans
mean while c/o’s on their ass about the smallest little things
calling brothers niggers to their face and they don’t at all do anything
how they get away with that?
they don’t care how you got it who bought it, they destroy it or they taking that
we “gangsters” we “killers” well why the hell we taking that?
hold on I’m off track, let me take a basic step
they stopped us from kissing on the visit, and people acting like they straight with that
4:30 to 6 in the kitchen, they found a way to bring slavery back
and they finally hired acouple blacks, but that ain’t change a thing
because these same blacks watching us get beat like RODNEY KING
they got blacks so scared to speack, that they don’t say a thing
and that’s unheard of
hillbillies down here getting away with murda
and got the nerve to be on some hateful shit
they get mad at me for jacking, but turn around and try to rape a chick
these pigs always on some racist shit,
when we gone stand up and learn not to take this shit?


11271 ST. RT.762

Categories: James Harris Jr., poems

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