Anthony Pierre

The Moorish Divine and National Movement of the World, by Anthony Pierre

Name Declaration,/Correction Proclamation and Publication
I, Anthony Claude Pierre El-Bey, being duly affirmed, standing squarely, Declare and Proclaim, upon Divine Law; Nature’s Law; Universal Law; Moorish Birthrights; International Law; and Constitutional Law; Declare and say:
I, Anthony Claude Pierre El-Bey, in Propria Persona Sui Juris, am a Moorish American National, born in America, am a descendant of the Ancient Amexem Mound Builders of the Great Atlantic Continental Divide and modernly is known by my tribal family as Cherokee and Proclaiming Washitaw of America. I, being previously identified by the Union States Society of North America-USA under the colorable, ward-ship name ANTHONY CLAUDE PIERRE – Nom De Guerre, do hereby refute the fraud; and make public and publish my corrected National Name, Declare and affirm my true, ‘Proper Person Status” and reclaim my rightful social and cultural life of the state; in accord with my Moorish American Nation of Northwest Amexem/North America- acknowledging my Birthrights. I am Not a corporate construct on paper, I am Not a He, a she, Civilus Mortus, a United States Citizen, a British Subject, a Britsh Commonwealth citizen, a corporation, a strawman, an ens legis, a wardship name, a war of the state, a negotiable instrument or anything associated to the CORPORATE UNITED STATES’ CORPS. I am a Breathing, Flesh-and Blood, In Full Life, Living Soul, as a Natural/National Being. I was born in the the State of Louisiana USA’s assumable jurisdiction, under the forced applications of the Reconstructive Amendments of the 14th and 15th. I disclaim any/all Powers of Attorney over me by any/all quasi government officials, its agencies and local officials of all municipalities, corporate courts and anti-constitutional admiralty/maritime courts. I disclaim all negotiable instruments that was used to place me under any debt obligations, or contracts that was not done under Common Law and openly disclosed of any adhesions. I rescind all signatures/autographs of any/all contracts done under threat, duress and coercion for the lack of not having been fully disclosed of the unveiled intent of these fraudulent contracts by all quasi-corporate entities. I am not the name, the name is not me (ALL CAPITALIZED NAME), nor did I construct the instrument predicated against me. I am executing Ex rel (Ex Relatione) as my lawful remedy to stop all corporate entities from associating me with any wardship name/negotiable instrument of innocently trespassing against my intellectual property without my consent by assent. I have information concening matters of the construct related to the name and instrument(s).
I now claim my Free National Name as Moorish American, and my name is Anthony Claude Pierre El-Bey, for the record, on the record and letting the record reflect to all. Declared for the record, I am returning the European cognomen and fictitious misnomer back to the Colonial possessors of its pedigree. I am NOT Negro, Black, Colored (NBC) or African American and herein and hereafter refute these misnomer slave labels given me through the USA’s Black Code Laws and Negro Act. Let it further be Declared, Known, Published and Resolved that: I am: Anthony Claude Pierre El-Bey, ‘In Propria Persona Sui Juris’ (being in my own proper person), by birthright; an inheritance WITHOUT THE FOREIGN, IMPOSED COLOR-OF-LAW, OR ASSUMED DUE PROCESS of the Union States Society.
Wherefore, I, Anthony Claude Pierre El-Bey, being ‘Part and Parcel’ named herein, and by Birthright, Primogeniture, and Inheritance, make a Lawful and Legal entry of Affidavit and Public Notification of Nationality Proclamation, Name Correction Claim; Declaration, Affirmation, and Application; herewith Published for the Public Record. Thus executed this 19th, day of the month April, 2019, A.D. WITHOUT THE UNITED STATES.
Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent, Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal.
All Rights Reserved.Without Prejudice/Without Recourse.
With the Autograph
With the Copy-Claim,

Anthony Claude Pierre El-Bey #356090
RLCC 1630 Prison Road
Cottonport, Louisiana Republic, (71327)

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