Baye Ward

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age 47….intake 5-16-16……..out date 5-07-25….

i’m writing a memoir about how i was influenced to destroy my life!! THE GAME!!!! my manunscript will be titled ”THIEF”…COMING SOON TO YOU..VIA..AMAZON…I’m originally from Oakland,Califorina\by way of Columbus,Ohio for the last 34 years!!! I LOVE COLUMBUS,OHIO!!!!! I’m a ward!!! 3rd generation EE.WARD is my grandfather!!! It’s the 1st BLACK EVER MOVING STORAGE COMPANY THAT WAS BUILT!!! MY GRANDPARENTS USE TO RUN SLAVES FROM DOWN SOUTH TO UP NORTH FOR FREEMDOM!!!! IT’S OVER 125 YEARS OF HISTORY!!!!EST:1881..started with 2 horse’s and a wagon….can anyone give me any information on my family history!!!while i write this book!!!! i’ve been in and outta jails my whole!!!! I want to suceed,and move above my past as well as,to embrace it!!! I always say that”THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE IS GREATER THAN THE PEOPLE IN POWER!!! I love to meet new pplz…I’m a barber,and a sports fan!!!NBA IS MY 1st love,and college sports!!! and i love to express by my writings!! I’ve always really wanted to write this book!!! pray for me while i’m in the lab!!!…………you want to conversate with me…via jpay…just add;Baye ward #A725-497…@ lebenon correctional inst.

Baye Ward
DOC #A725-497

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