Why I Be God! by Travis Tucker

by Alpha Omega Allah

Breath,Try to relax and embrace my understanding of myself and natural law’s that keep everything in place…If you can give your mind a break from it’s taught way of thinking and open your mind to the possibilities of a limitless universe and mind you may also identify with the sentiments I’m about to reveal…Though the temple’s in Egypt and most places around the world are misunderstood and we are yet to decipher there true meanings and purpose, And eloquence and grandeur of there being,There is nothing or no-thing as complex and beautiful then man mind…When I use the term man in this sense of the mind the women is not separate from this equation…(Why i be God)The only way that I can explain life on this plane of existence is through physics which lays down the law’s of cause and effect,Gravity, Magnetism,Gas,liquid’s,and solids which is called ordinary matter…For everything that’s living blossomed from a seed…I ask myself through the channels of logic and reason rather than religious scriptures that can’t be proven by science,what I mean by science or mathematics is everything that exist show’s it’s face for the mere fact that we can give it a name or identity is because we bare witness to it through observation,I can’t say oh it’s thundering that’s Zeus the god he’s upset,science is a way to describe,observe and then I can theorize…When I say we bare witness I mean the world the science community etc…Not a prophet who disappears to speak with a unknown force or entity that religious community calls god and bestowed upon him a fictional power,This is the essence of comic books cartoons super hero’s video game’s etc…,Destroying a child ability to reason and learn and bring forth his or her own understanding,These types of teachings scares one beyond measure to think it’s someone out there called god and at a flick of the wrist waves a wand and the world would stop….Think about that???the only power that I can bare witness to and identify with is me and you,he and her the eighth alphabet is a h for he or her lf you turn that eight sideways 8 it’s an infinity sign showing and proving not only is man and women infinite but the very center of there being mind is the very God/Creator that everything that’s seen and heard has there beginning at….Nothing can exist without thought, therefore a man is what he think this is why these beautiful monuments are left scattered and still standing there a reflection of the minds that created them God’s… Today we can’t identify with this truth because of the powerful influence of mass media and the history books we are left to read which ultimately paint pictures in our minds that create thoughts,ideas that aren’t natural and they move us in a direction of where the programmer wants us to go,If we can identify with a super natural being thats up in heaven a place where we don’t even know its location we just believe,and that he dictates whether we live or die,Then surely it’s not hard to embrace the idea that if you jump out of a plane you’ll land on your feet,On one hand we acknowledge theres universal law’s on the other they don’t apply to the mysterious force we call god…What would happen if I make the law’s and dont abide by them???No one would respect the law right???So why do we respect the law’s of nature?Because if you don’t you will seize to exist and so did the mystery god…He doesn’t exist no one or thing is greater then these law’s or above or beneath them…However you are the law’s what is it in you that pull things to the center of the earth when they go up???My gravity is my ego keeping me balanced and in check the earth is my home I can’t escape her we can t escape each other my magnetic pull is my sperm which I use to preserve self and endure all climate’s….The mind will build a body to survive all climate’s by the sun projecting energy/heat according to our collective consciousness all minds are one,The letter o is the 15 alphabet n is the 14 e is the 5 =34 when you add it up 3+4=7 this is the seven letter in the alphabets which represents god…Man means mind,We willed our selves into existence after giving birth to a planetary body that can sustain life,life is infinite…Energy and matter cannot be recreated or destroyed, Which means there’s no such thing as death energy just transfer from state to state…The first man in existence was a original and his skin reflected his very nature darkness this darkness we refer to as black which in essence isn’t a color but colors its essentially the well of endless possibilities.Man sperm is a form of light just as the sun is black at it’s core but the light it gives of is bright white heat so is man black at his core and the light/sperm he gives off can be seen they both give life…this first man/mind is the most dominant force in the universe and he exist in many forms and shows and proves he exist through stages which we commonly refer to as mathematics I be god because im the only one who has to answer for my thoughts even if someone was to get caught up in my universe they have to answer for there decision/choice to follow or lead,My ability to use my own mind and think allows me to be the creator of my own universe,Mathematics will be the tool that measure’s rather I’m supreme in my endeavors which is right thinking,By way of my mind I create my own heaven or hell which are conditions of the mind that will become my reality.How is it that one can love,Worship,believed and sacrifice for that he’s never seen or felt more then the ones who actually cared,and labored for him???If this isn’t a clear indication of insanity please enlightened me..I mean no disrespect I only exist to spark the conscious thought and awaken my brothers and sister’s who been conditioned to believe than know!!!Why I be God pt.1.Free Lamar Ealey….

Travis Tucker #1091722
Nottoway correctional facility
p.o box 488
burkville va,23922

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