Little Boy, Little Boy, by Scott Mitchell

Scott Mitchell #A636258
PO Box 901
Leavittsburgh, OH. 44430


Little boy, little boy,
why’d you run away?
You brought me to this grown up world,
but young I wanted to stay.

Through deaths and seperations
I tried to ease the pain,
my bible never opened
instead I used cocaine.

Sorry can’t make up now
for all I’ve done and said,
I want to go to sleep
but this is not my bed.

I’m still young enough to play,
yet old enough to know,
things happen for a reason
so from this I’ll surely grow.

Little boy, little boy,
I know now why you ran,
your mission is accomplished
on my own two feet I stand.

NOTE: To whom ever you are reading my submissions, THANK YOU!
Just to know that you cared enough to spend a little bit of your time reading something that I wrote warms my heart. So from the bottom of that warm heart, once again, Thank You! Have a great day. Scott

* I would love to hear from you. You can J-Pay me or write to me at the address at the top of this blog. I won’t bite, I promise.

Scott Mitchell
DOC #A636258

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