Donovan Clark

We Are At War, by Donovan Clark

Everyday I sit and watch the news and I’m constantly seeing senseless acts of violence being committed. Teenagers attacking an individual, severely beating him because of his sexual orientation. A husband murdering his wife and two daughters, all because he wanted to be with his side chick. Not to mention the hundreds of women that are assaulted and/or murdered every year. And don’t get me started on the blatant acts of injustice carried out by law enforcement officials over the past few years. Isn’t it obvious that we are at war?
This “war,” however, is twofold in nature. There is a physical war that we are unknowingly engaged in. There is also a spiritual war that has been going on since the beginning of time. These two are not mutually exclusive from one another, at itmes there even seems to be some correlaton.
The physical aspect of this war can be seen in the overt racism that’s on full display throughout our country, in the palpable disgust people have for one another just because of he differences between them, or in the obvious injustice faced by the so called “underprivliged” of our society.
If we want to truly eradicate the ignorance of racism, we have to fight it with understanding, patience, education, and love. Yes it’s easier said han done. Those of us of African descent have lived in this land among the descendants of our captors for 400 years, and we are still being treated as if we are less than human. I believe the racist mindset that has plagued our society for hundreds of years is rooted in ignorance and misinformation. If the masses are unbiasly taught the truth as it pertains to human history, then people would gain insight into other cultures and why others are the way they are.
“Inconstancy is powerful in the heart of man; intemperance sways him wheresoever it wills; despair engrosses much of him; while fear proclaims, ‘Behold, I sit unrivalled.’ But futility is beyond them all.”
– Sharif Abdul Ali
Now if we want to rectify the injustice that so many of he citizens of this country is constantly faced with, alot more than love and patience is needed. The problem isn’t with the “people,” it’s with the System! Individuals thst go into law inforcement, and politics, are made to take an oath to uphold a System that is inherently broken.
Education can be an aid in combatting sysemic oppresion, but it cannot be done without fortitude. It has taken 400 years to construct a government with statutes and laws that disfavor non-white citizens. So it will take just as long to deconstruct those very same prejudicial laws, along with their bias sentiments.

Now for the spiritual aspect. This is not a battle being faught between two opposing armies of specter-like beings in the sky. In fact, here is what Elihu ha-Navi (the prophet Elihu) is recorded to have said in the Hidoth Shel Ha-Mashiach (i.e. the Secret Teachings of the Messiah): “There are two selves, the higher self and the lower self….The lower self is an illusion and will pass away….The higher self is Yahweh in man and will not pass away….The only devil from which men must be redeemed is Self, the lower self. If man would find his devil, he must look within….If man would find his savior, he must look within; and when the demon-self has been dethroned, the savior, Love, will be exalted to the throne of power.”
The Hebrew word for “spiritual” is “ruchani,” and as an adjective it simply means “mental, existing only in the mind, or subjective.” That’s right! This spiritual war is an inner psychological conflict each one of us has to fight every second of every day. Our very own thoughts , be they constructive or destructive (i.e. positive or negative), are the angels and demons we encounter on a regular basis. And depending on our behavior at any given moment, that is our inner angel or inner demon manifesting itself for the world to see.
Everyone on this planet is engaged in an internal struggle. So the notion of there being a race of people who are “devils” and another race of people who are “godly or divine or chosen,” is false! All of us have the potential to be a “God” by adhering to the Laws that govern creation, as well as the potential to be a “Satan” by going against the growth, order, and direction of the Universe. And the choices we make in how we live out our lives, effects every other living thing on this planet.
So choose wisely.

HOTEP (Peace)

DOC #A390726

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