Keith Bond Jr.

My Thoughts, by Keith Bond Jr.

Everyday of my life has been a lesson for me to live and learn. Not only from myself but from those that are around me everyday. The way I see life now is much more genuine than before. I refuse to criticize myself for wanting more. That’s why I distant myself away from the ones who’s care rely on beneficial needs. I know the ways of whats potrayed upon me. Its reality strongest point. Yes lord ! God plays a major role in these new events I slowly witness day by day. The change is beautiful an not easy in no way or form , but the achievement I see is fingertips away everyday. Its not far away at all . Especially when I travel most of my life given it away with no value at all. I took life for granted a since I was breeded the wrong way, so much is different .

Keith Bond Jr.
DOC #537-103

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