Antonio Powell

A Dream, by Antonio Powell

I was told a Dream is merely something you just wake up from,,,so open your eyes,,,,well I guess I’m still sleep because I’ll never stop dreaming searching for a way out,,,just to run from my demons,,,nightmares became reality the damage is real,,,so much hurt in my heart how do I explain how I feel,,,,Now its Happening again Living life and everything good I’m leaving telling granny I’m gone get rich to move her out the hood,,,the door closing behind me and I will no longer get to open it again the scene went dark,,,,I’m falling and my life is being torn apart,,,Even in a Lie you hear the Truth,,,free falling to the grave what am I to do,,,right before I hit the ground I wake praying to the lord my soul to take,,,now I lay me down to sleep,,,pray to the lord my soul to keep,,,crippled through the Mind and blinded by the Heart I lost my beginning so where do I start,,,Wake up Wake up just to Stay woke,,,so many Demons,,,Nightmares,,situations that’s being provoked,,,laid out in Blood my soul is stained,,,looking out while it rains and tears dropping from the Window pain

#StayWoke #TemporarySituationsDontLastForever

Antonio Powell
DOC #A750-160

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