Davin Wallace

Praise God -(3)The Victory, by Davin L. Wallace

Released from medical housing back to general population. The bleeding has stopped, I’m feeling great like nothing ever occurred. The doctor doesn’t know the cause & seem to not understand, so he want to send me out for a second opinion. But I told him don’t worry the Lord got me, he smiled & told me I was blessed, but still want to send me out for a second opinion, which is cool w/me because I see that as confirmation for all who are witnesses to this testimony. God has already given & done things on our behalf according to His will by grace. And thru our faith we receive God’s grace. Faith doesn’t move God. Faith is even given by God’s grace. God’s grace & our faith is the principle that by which we receive the already given blessings & promises that was given before we even begin to pray, believe & receive. This principle opens the door for the already sent delivery that Holy Spirit been amped to dump off on you. God has a plan for my life & I’m where I need to be, at the perfect time just like Joseph in the pit, the prison & then in position of a king. God is not giving out prison sentences, sicknesses, poverty, evil thoughts nor sins. He is a redeemer, redeeming us from what opposes His promises. Glory Be To God!!

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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