Ja'Relle Smith

Introduction Blog, by Ja’Relle Smith

My name is Ja’Relle Smith.I’m 23 years old I’ll be 24 on June 25th.I’ve been in prison since January 7th 2013.So yeah, your math is right,I was only17 at the time.I actually was bound over as a juvenile when I was 16.I was sentenced to a 16 year sentence a year later which would end in 2028.But God is greater and I’ll be home much sooner than this!I had a chance to go to “juvenile prison”otherwise known as DYS but my attorney told me if I went the prosecutor would withdraw my brother’s pleas and give them 66 years flat.So left with no other choice we were sent to prison.It was here I began my journey into manhood,I learned to love me,and developed into a leader this of course took a couple years and was not a smooth transition.I have written 5 books none are published yet,they’re my babies!Besides the messages are timeless and are needed today as they will tomorrow.So although the books are not published I still teach the information in them,its my lifestyle so I’ve been afforded oppurtunity to minister on many levels although in here.I love people although they never seem to love me,but I haven’t given up despite the hurt,I see things different and seek the people who see me for me not for who I was 7.5 years ago,whether it be my Queen or friends that will walk this journey with me.

Ja’Relle Smith #634-158
Richland Correctional Institution
p.o box 8107
Mansfield, Ohio 44901

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