Tony Lewis

Diary of a Disciple, by Tony Lewis

Entry 1

A Best Friend

Man this shit is crazy. It took me over like twenty years to realize why Brandy was so famous. nd being that Ive been on this earth before FUBU was popping you could imagine how that could be of a surprise…and as it should, cause man, I just got finished watching the video to Brandy’s ” Best Friend”- a music video that came out back when watching music videos on BET was a thing to do. But thats whats so crazy about this current elation of mine, cause I was that kid who absolutely loved music videos. Im talking bout sunny afternoons…it was me and a big bowl of cereal; and my head, which was nodding in rhythm as my attention stayed glued on the tube, at either MTV Jamz or one of my other favorite music video shows like Rap City in The Basement. Ay, ya remeber that joint- Hit In Da Streetz? Man, that skinny ass dude would have me geekin like shit. But im sayin all of tis for a reason, and that reason is this- its to push the disbelief that Ive never saw Brandy’s video for Best Friend before…such a wonderful fucking song. And to keep it real I dont even remember grooving to that jiont back in the day; for whatever reason, but you shouldve seen me in my cell and how I was looking as I jammed and snapped my fingers when that video followed another one of my jamz- Ginuwine’s Pony. One wouldve thought that for me that song was one of my foreal, Im baffled. Can someone please tell me what was the year that that song came out; cause I feel like a self acclaimed wrestling fan who just discoved the The People’s Elbow. That video had to have came out before my love for music had really blossomed, which was like 98-99′. But see, thats the thing, cause back in those days when it came to Brandy, I hardly knew Brandy, I knew Brandy mostly by Mo’esha than anything. Cause just like music videos, UPN stayed on alot in my house. SMH, man, tose sure were the days. But anyways, Im pretty sure Brandy became Mo’esha shortly after dropping that video to the world, because songs like that are songs that tend to catapult artist’s careers. How so? Well, because they have what alot of these songs these days dont…substance, and valuable messages. Slim Im telling you, let there be a cookout thrown by some white folks, and they cant seem to get the crowd going. Pop in Best Friend, and watch…them mu’fuckas goin start to jamming! lol. The mood of that get together is going to instanty shift to a place that more people today need to swim in, and thats a place of love and elaton and appreciation for another human being.
But as I watched and listened tot he song, I coudnt help but to begin to think back tot he days of my life….and when I had a Best Friend.
The year was 98. I was staying in a nice middle class highrise, called Oakcrest Towers. Back then, it was me just my moms. But when I was outside, it was me and Robert. I remeber how me and Robert would clown as we walked home from school, and talk for hours on the phone; doing things that the average 3rd graders would do. Me and Robert lost touch soon after my moms got promoted and moved us across the Potomac, to a much nicer setting in Alexandria Virginia. In VA I had more than more homie who I consider a BEST FRIEND, but this one in particular, his name was Wesley.
I remeber my homie Wesley vividly. He was a fly ass lil nigga. I would always wanna go kick it wit him at his house up the street in the part of the Huntington that housed alot of the black folks. Loking back I kinda realized why I gravitated to him like I did. He had most of the things I desired: a loving and supportive household, other silblings, a mancave of a room, and a closet that hung all the lastest gear. With his walnut complexion and pretty browns, and good taste of fashion, Wes got all the girls, and trust me, I know, cause on a few occasions, some of those cute girls who wanted him were the one I wished wanted me. I remeber Felicia- the pretty joint up the Highway. Man I use to have the biggest crush on her; an infatuation that danced close to my liking for this beauty named Katara Jackson…and that says alot, cause ya dont know Katara like I know her. I liked her like Doug like Patty.
You know, coming up, I didnt have the charm like my man Wes. Or at least I dont think I did. I mean, it had to be the unmutual attraction which was the reason I couldnt make it off homplate…when I know I had what the potenial to do so.
I blam my skin for the advantages Wes and so many others had over me during those days of being overlooked. And yes, tha Im sure of. I mean how can I not be, when cetain jokes were stuffed inside certain questions asked. Questions tha were mostly in the form of quips…lke the qustion my best friend Wesly asked loudly on the school bus, as the driver drove us home one day. With a grin, Wes asked me if my father’s name was Sharpie( liek that black ass marker)
I remeber everybody laughing and smiling; shit, to be honest, I was even smiling. Whats funny is funny I guess. Oh and how can I forget about ” William Goldberg”…Whoopie’s long lost son. That was another one of Wesley’s bullets, out his gun of jokes.
I wisj I was witter like I am now; I woulda fired his Rupaul’s-Road-Manager-lookin’ ass up. lol.
But thats my man though; cause when my life hung in the balance of the judical system, it was Wesley and my other best friend Chris…who put their jokes to aside and took time out their lives to send those letters to that judge; letters which begged that man to spare my life and show some mercy on my behalf. And for that my niggas…ya will forever be MY….Best Friend.
Somebody, please…go play my jam(Best Friend by Brandy) for some much needed emphasis.

This Blog was written by TonyMyHomie the author of the up and coming book A Million Wayz to Make A Million Wagez

He can be reached on

Tony Lewis
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