Melvin Monroe

Cleaning Out My Drafts, by Melvin Monroe

The humanity in the WE compels us to see the human in the being. But there is no human in the being that compels us to see the humanity in the WE.
Because HUMAN is a character OF the being.
Fore in it, humanity, there resides the sanity that liberates us from the confines of the human.
Liberty is the ability to fly either amongst the clouds, or above the clouds, without having to flap your wings.
A chicken. A rooster. An ostrich, along with a host of others that escape me, are winged and feathered birds imprisoned, confined to the ground, without the ability to fly; though [some] are momentarily capable of taking flight.
I liken that to the human-being. However, it is the ability to fly amongst and above the clouds, that I liken to humanity. Your ability to sore, ones ability to sore, is humanity. Liberty. Liberation.

New One
I am being asked to care, to love, even to be free without her. When it was through her that I came to know care, know love, and was given inspiration to be free
(a different poem)
I am blacker than I have ever been. blacker than I have always been.
Black. Not like midnight. More like Amsted

You were born to be greater than your imagination currently propell’s you. — This is no prop talk.
(another poem)
Now, you need only to adjust your imagination.
(another poem)
In the short time that I
have had the privilege of
getting to know you
you have become like music
to me
Infinite in your harmony,
resounding in your melody,
you introduce me to a peace
w/ in mind that I have bn
deprived for far too many nights
You are beauty’s highlight
the twilight of tomorrow’s
elevating at an octave
that before you was designated
for only the angels of the
Most High
It is in your eyes that the
world subsides
fading away into the distance as
we dance upon the musical notes
of our own creation
You are, in the words of the
late Teddy Pendergrass, “My latest, My greatest, Inspiration”.
You ignite my imagination w/
every step that u take;
I would delay the day if only
to fasten my eye’s upon your
hips as they sway w/ a
communication that
only I can decipher
Your lips captivate me as I
resist the craving for your
touch… your taste…
Still, having done neither,
our time shared has bn much
more intimate
I know of some of your dreams
and u have yet to awake
beside me
I have gotten inside of you
with the slightest touch of
my hand
conversation and your readiness
to accept the genuine of my
Our earliest communications
were in song
now we have become
the lyric… were u to be
honest w/ what you’ve bn feeling
Ed Sheeran, were u telling
me something?

Melvin Monroe
DOC #1040513

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