Dennis Watson

Brothers Ain’t Brothas, by Dennis J. Watson

Nothing surprises me anymore… Your appetite for destruction always pleads, gimmie more… I only have 4 letter words for you & they’re all explicit… They true intentions of you I did all but miss it… As frigid as life can be at times… I’d be hopeful you’d be the one to protect my spine… Treachery & lies are what fuel you… Once you shown the real side it’s like I never knew you… True or false… Once I amputate you off should I consider it a loss? Should I accept that you’re lost, or a decayed tooth that went unflossed? Part of me wants to show true forgiveness, but the hard in me want to be vindictive & blatantly deliberate… If & When can’t be said in the same breath like night & day… Like family & friends in the end betray… Life is what you make it just like the contents of those last 2 statements… I stood on my own 2 for so long & clothed my body when naked, but where were you? Ready to capitalize on my pain when you knew where I felt abused… Lose one gain one, same song slays some intentionally… I’m just at a loss for understanding how you could motive yourself to waste every ounce of energy on asinine little things… Oh yea, I forgot, to all things that are clean the paracite clings… You need positive energy to feed your divinity, but when the host is livid it feeds negativity… This is everything you’ve become… Sanctuary to slum & free as a frozen Alaskan bum, but sometimes… I want to extend 4 fingers & 1 thumb to you… Being a man of true integrity you have no idea how much strength it takes do you? If this is the new you, then I never knew you, & vice versa… You’ll likely curse behind my back for my flesh to be infected with mursa… The number one reason it’s hard for me to trust the head of churches… 1st it’s, my brotha this & my brotha that… Until the truth comes loose & spews the bones out of his back until he’s spineless… This is why I use my mind more but I mind less… Time can test a man until he understands less & eventually fails… They think the answers come from the man with a hand full of nails… Always hope for the best & prepare for the worst… It may seem selfish, but think of you 1st… Whom else is going to have your best interest? Just don’t become comfortable enough for the man you trust to attack when you’re defenseless… The most frigid of temperatures come from the ones you love most… The exact same reason I stay warm enough to keep no one close… I’ve been rotisserie roasted one too many… Especially by the ones that pray to their demigods… It’s hard enough to believe I’m the exact image of God, when my pigmentation won’t get me a job, but the stereotype & a police firearm pointed in my direction… You neglect to acknowledge the truth… It’s not in you, will never set you free, & will reverse every piece of your youth… Until you, come to the bleak reality that you didn’t squeeze out of my mother… Well, even if you did, I created every piece of my family, because all brothers ain’t brothas…

Dennis J. Watson
DOC #A632936

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