Dennis Watson

Us, by Dennis J. Watson

I love you unconditionally, but I can’t stand your ass at the same time… It’s an unhealthy balance, like heroin & cocaine in the same line… Through rain, shine, sleet, snow, hell or high wind… We walk alone with no fear just a hellified grin… Friends are 1 sin that we don’t need to achieve the things we’ve always wanted… They always seem to walk away at the worst time, a disease that always needs us to spread farther… The hardest things we go through are never carved out of stone… Plus, the horrors we face sometimes have the capability to snatch the morrow out of our bones… I live the lyrics from lord knows so so many times… The love below holds so much hate that it scolds in the cold when confined, pay attention to that last line… My last dying wish is that you become everything that I strived to be… The richest, & most beautiful could never be alive as me… I’m surprised that we live to see past 35, because the eyes that we have were blind that see past the things you try… Lies became the most unsurprising thing we knew so dearly… The exact reason why for some odd ass reason you’re the closest one near me… At the same time exactly the reason the majority of my mother’s side fears me… For real we, are just misunderstood… Curses that never lift so the petrified forest couldn’t supply enough wood to knock on, it’s the same stone that beats the blood through me… The true me could never rule me, I’m too resilient… A genuine feeling of being loved for who I am & not what I do is true fulfillment… Rules appeal to those who remain trapped by the same fools that are governed by them… Dreams sold to same few from the hands of who would never buy them… Us & them, nothing alike… There’s no us in them so the comparison will never suffice, or be sufficient… Everything is missing except for the land sharks in the lake that I fish in… I used to pitch & get grand slams hit when the bases where loaded… Enter the love opening of a woman & try to find where her soul is… Many of them don’t have one anymore, they sold it… Just like giving something you used to control free will & then try to own it, so cruel isn’t it? Sounds like everything a human is, so the true intentions sometimes are deliberately carried out… With the state of mind to take a man that has paid his debt to society & lock him up when he’s barely out… Everything I found in america makes me ashamed to be called one… Like being a person of color in most places just trying to live is a problem… Obviously what we have a failure to communicate… In a country you seem to love so much it promotes everything that contains hate… The plate should be cleaned before food is put back on it… We used to lived by the same views that life had to offer… Until the unforgiveness gave us a full frontal view of a coffin… Since then its been a rough journey… Until it became clear that the most important thing I had to learn was me… Even balanced, I’ve established a sense of peace between us that I never had… Even with an unloving mother & an absent Dad that never had a choice to be that… Sad attempts to solidify something that had no foundation to stand on, now I see that… We had, nothing in the 1st place… Except the pain you went through to push me out, & give me the 1st & last portions of my father’s name… You should be ashamed of yourself, but I don’t blame you anymore… I didn’t love me at one point either… Most of the time I hide the seeker just to find something more beautiful hidden deeper within you… That I never knew… Its kinda the same relationship that we share but nothing new… All I do, is look at you with the same expectation of myself… I’m proud of you for real, so the only thing that can separate us from now on is death… Even that couldn’t drive a wedge… In between of us…

Dennis J. Watson
DOC #A632936

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