Da'Von Motley Sr.

Love? by Da’Von Motley Sr.

Can you love someone who has a very different past than yours? Like their past is so ying yang compared to yours that you know people will look at you different. Is love that strong to bring two people together that lived opposite lives? Can two people who believe in different things make it work? Would you rather be compatible or have things in common with the person you love? I would rather be compatible any day!! Being compatible is important because your ideas can grow on me and vice versa. What I may not find appealing now I may love later because of the love you have for it and vice versa. I’m not saying that having things in common isn’t good because it could spark a wonderful bond as well. Just in my opinion if your compatible with someone its like this special bond, this special attraction, this unique sense of understanding that’s hard to find. I mean there’s people who love the same things I love but that don’t mean that were suppose to be together forever. I may love country music and looking at the stars at night just like you but if that’s all we have in common then its going to be hard moving forward seriously. I guess a mixture of both would be ideal when it comes to love. But who am I to try to tell you who to fall in love with. The heart wants what the heart wants. I know I can’t wait until someone tells me that their in love with me and I can say the same back. It adds youth to your life, and happiness to your existence. The fog clears and the sun shines! Spring is here and there’s flowers and butterflies and bees and birds and love in the air. When you think about that person and time just stops and you think about how beautiful they are and what you miss and how they make you feel. Just them loving you inspires you to be a better person. You know that this person is someone who you want to make happy no matter what. You want to be there for that person when they need you. You want that person to know that you care about how they feel and that you support them. They are your best friend no matter what. Its just you two against the world. I need that more then ever right now. I want to love hard and fearlessly. My heart is boarded up and considered condemned because I’m in this box and nobody knows I’m here. This can’t be it, this can’t be how its suppose to be. Who can I love and who will love me back unconditionally??

Da’Von Joshua Motley Sr.
ODRC #707-119
Allen Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 4501
Lima, OH 45802

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