Christopher Johnson

As We Grow Life Changes, by Christopher Johnson

Well I am about to return back to society soon,and It feels good.But I’ve grew to where I don’t see things the same.And to survive I conformed to the ways of an animal and dehumanized myself.And I realized this was not who I was in the first place.But learning to love and accept the hardships we go through.Society needs that exact same love.And it’s alot to be afraid of,because who would really care to understand me,when I reach out to help someone will they see my sincerity?I’m a loving person and I care to see others succeed.That’s my heart always putting others before myself.And that is only a gift from GOD,I realized.But when you grow life changes. Sincerely yours,

Christopher Johnson #472377
R.L.C.C Caj 3 B-1
1630 Prison Road
Cottonport,La 71327

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