Shara Cooper

Woman In History! by Shara Cooper

I embrace the month of March as a time to celebrate Women who have made history. The lists are long as we ponder the great and famous names that have gone on.
However, I take this moment to celebrate one famous and great to me. A Woman who indeed has made my history.

The Mother whose name remains unknown to many. Yet, she exudes loaylty and an unconditionaly love so very amazing!
She has loved this daughter inspite of what the world may say. She supports this daughter in many great ways.
My Incarceration matters not to her as her love has remained the same. Constant. Faithful. There to remain.
A Woman who has traveled thousands of miles to see about her child.
A Woman so faithful to share a smile even when she wants to wear a frown.
A Woman who gives from heart to others not of her own.
A Woman who sits in the background quiet, when she really deserves a throne of her own.

This Woman has made history. Not only in my life, but also in the lives of those she randomly meets.
This Woman is the Woman that I celebrate in this month of March.
It matters not that her name is not in anyones history books.
It matters most that her name is in the hearts of the many she has touched. She is a Woman In History!
A Woman of Great Legacy!

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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