Baron Glenn

Wins & Losses, by Baron Glenn

When I wake up, first thing on my mind is gettin paid,
Aint nothing changed, always the same just different days/
I try to do better than I did the day before,
so I get what I deverve and maybe more/
I stay in my own lane and always play my position,
Im Focused, my goal is to complete my money mission/
Do what I gotta do and stay on my 1-2,
aint no sleeping cuz im tryna make my dreams come true/
Steady chasing after paper, aint thinkin bout those haters,
Only worried bout myself so im not doing
no favors/
People wanna act funny,
cuz im tryna stack money/
On my grind im committed,
so im not tryna kick it/
Its a long process,
tryna make progress/
I wanna live well,
and try to stay up out of jail/
So I gotta do right and just play by the rules,
in this Game called Life cuz im not tryna lose/

Baron Glenn
DOC #A745500

Categories: Baron Glenn, poems

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