Davughn Shaw

What I’m Feelin Like, by Davughn Shaw

I’m feelin like I’m trapped in a place where I don’t wanna be.. I’m feelin like the love that I have for people they don’t have for me.. Im feelin like the things I did for people that they ain’t did for me.. will only drive me closer to who I wanna be.. but when Im feelin like its too much and I can’t hold it in.. and I start cutting people off who I thought was friends… it’ll only be gizzle, bisco, and gshaw… plus one.. man it feels good to be loved by the right one..;) shout out to her!! cause when I’m feeling like its the right time… ima ask her to be mines… cause she the one that holds it down. she the one holds the crown… so when I’m feelin too deep and Im bout to drown.. that plus one won’t just throw me that life jacket.. she gone jump in and save me from the misery… but when my back is turned and I feel the heat from my enemy… gizzle and bisco gone shoot it til its empty.. they forever my brotha’s.. even when I felt the betrayal of my own blood brotha.. that’s a feelin that I never wanna feel again… what made it worse he was my own twin…just because his love changed don’t mean mines will.. and if he call today In need of me again. ima come ready to do another ten… its all love you see.. forever its CTF til they CMC… fasho dat!

Davughn Shaw
DOC #729-114

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