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Chillin’ At The Zendo, by Jennifer Warren


Hello and Namaste’ everyone. Please come and hang out in the “circle” if you wish. That’s what we do in our Monday night mindfulness group- we form a big circle in the middle of the room. When latecomers trickle in, well that circle just gets a little bigger. We make it work. Recently I asked the monk who guides us in meditation if folks in the various Buddhist monasteries ever communicate with one another. And do you know what he said? He said (I’m paraphrasing a little bit here) “no, we’re not like the Catholics. We pretty much keep to oureslves, unless someone dies and we happen to know the guy. ” I couldn’t believe it. With all due respect to Buddhist monks out there, I wondered is that normal?

All I can say is I promise, you won’t get such treatment here at the Zendo. I was very pleased to hear I received comments from some of you out there in cyberspace. As promised I would like to respond to them if I may…

DC Gilbert, I agree. Better by far to have one good friend than twenty lousy ones. Heck, sometimes you have to go it alone for a while to find even the one, yes?

Gravelghost, thank you for your kind comment- glad that resonated with you. Yes, time is of the essence, especially as we get older. I think that was part of the Buddha’s message too- that our birth on this planet is fortunate and that we shouldn’t waste this opportunity by letting “bad” friends distract us from reaching our full potential in this lifetime.

Farah, thank you so much for taking time from your busy schedule to comment on my introductory post. As for your question, please check out my post entitled “Zendo Interrupted”. I hope that will shed some light on things. Will continue to expand on topics like this in the upcoming weeks. Like peeling the proverbial onion (not to be confused with the TGI Friday “Awesome Blossom”)- there is always more, more, more…

Never forgetting that I aspire ever to be a true yogi, I strive to regard all comments with gratitude. If you agree with me, I love you. If you disagree with me, I adore you. If you like hanging out but don’t have much to say that’s cool too. I couldn’t always say this about myself but I can say it now- – there is room in my heart for all.

Next post I think I’ll talk about some of the hard facts of life here and why such things no longer bother me. ( Hint: it’s got something to do with an-grrrr). I think it will help you to understand me as something other than some fruitcake Californian that resides on planet Neptune chanting mantras while the polar ice caps melt.

Thanks for coming to the Zendo. I welcome all comments. That is all for now folks:)

Jennifer Warren
DOC #WF1092

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