Davin Wallace

Are U Confident? by Davin L. Wallace

What if you knew the Father was calling you home tomorrow & today was your last day on earth. Would you be at peace & confident in what you’re leaving behind, concerning the work God has called & invited you to join Him in to accomplish thru you? Are you confident that you gave the love, grace, mercy & peace to all God intended you to? If not, who do you think you need to extend God’s Kingdom work to, so that they will know & experience Christ thru you? If it’s one or ten people in mind then I believe you’re behind on Kingdom work & the blessings due to you by God’s grace concerning His promises. Of course our faith in Christ establishes our righteousness & holiness to return to our heavenly Father to live eternity in His presence & glory. We may not dot every i & cross every t here on earth but I would like to have confident & joy that I gave that love, grace, mercy & peace that will potentially give the next person the same joy & confidence in Christ that has been established in me thru my Lord Jesus Christ by the Father’s grace. Don’t miss out on extending the grace & glory of God. It’s beneficial on the receiving & giving ends.
Something extra. One of God’s principles to experiencing God’s glory has been deeply implanted in my spirit, heart & mind which deals with being all the way in or all the way out(not straddling the fence). And now I try to apply this to every aspect of my life w/expectation in seeing God’s glory in all that I’m in & in all that I do regardless of with who or where I’m at. God bless you & love u all!

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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  1. Great post, Davin. Your faith in God helps you a lot in life, especially when things get tough. Wish you the best. This is a great blog. Thank you so much for sharing!


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