The Divine Woman, by Michael Price

The divine woman that’s who you are…the divine woman I’ve seen that in you from afar…over the years we have mistreated you…called you out of your name and in some instances beat on you…now you are the divine woman that’s the most precious jewel on earth…it is our job to protect you and show you your true worth… you are the divine woman the one that we fall in love with… the one that has been a beautiful friend and yet for some reason we fill that it’s alright to call you bitch… never have I ever not known that you were the divine woman for it has been imbedded in me since birth…when we have our seeds I pray that I will be the best teacher of how this relationship thing with mother and father really works…the divine woman that is who you truly are…and as a man I will always put you on a pedestal high above the stars!!

Contact info:

Michael Price #A411-359
P.O. Box 120
Lebanon ,Ohio 45036

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