Travis Smith


Universe 4 A Girl and Neptune

She lid her painted finger nails along a wood dresser. They were a hot pink with multiple colored glitter sparkling in the dim light. There was something different about her. She still looked like her but she was acting strangely. Travis sat on the bed and watched her with fascination while studying her face. Her dark curly hair still struck him with awe and made him intensely attracted to her. Her eyes are what seemed different. It was as if someone else was in her head looking at him. There was a cool detachment in her demeaner since she came out of the room. She stared at him with a stoic expression and moved slowly , seductively toward him. Her hips glided back and forth with a enticing motion that aroused him. Neither one took their eyes off the other as the distance between them closed. All awhile , the mood still remained strange and had an ambient seriousness seething in it.
She was standing in front of him wearing only a small lavender shirt and no bra , her medium size breast pushed the shirt out with the nipples pressed to points. She was nude from the waist down. He was staring right at her pubic hair which was trimmed down to a tiny patch. He could smell her scent , a lovely sweet aroma wafted to his senses causing him to become erect.
She whispered as she softly caressed his hair ” You like that ? ”
He looked up and nodded yes while she pulled his face into her. He kissed her down there and let his lips rest along the crevice of her lips. And then he began kising her. She let out a emotional shuddered sigh and orgasimed.

“Travis! Wake up , man.” Little freckles was standing over him. “You have to go to the licence bureau. I have to stay here and wait for the package to come. It should be the binoculars and the other stuff. Now I just have to convince my mom to let me go to New Mexico with you.
” oh , yeah , right ,New Mexico. ”

Sara waited and waited. He should of been back by now. She scribbled a note in case he came back. She wrote what route she’d be taking so he could come pick her up. She knew it probaly had something to do with freckles,the dark haired Sara , or big Sara. It was always her causing him to run off of to no where for no reason. She was hoping he might stop having delusions about freckles and focus on her , the real girl that actually cared about him. She knew she was too young for him in the the way he was interested in dark haired Sara , but she just wanted them to be able to hang out without him running off chasing some ghost.She went out the door and headed down the street.
She turned down Lexi street to walk by the park. If he wasn’t there the next stop would be the woods. Now that he was driving she had to watch out for the big blue truck. If he was at the woods the truck would be parked along Cedar street at the end. As she approached the park the first thing she noticed was Larry’ car. Larry was the oldest of teenagers that hung out and knew about Travis. They loved teasing him about freckles and would send him on wild goose chases after her. Travis knew they would deceive him , but when it came to his ghost girl he couldn’t take any chances.
Sara walked up to the group of rowdy teens and fearlessly confronted them. “Where is he ?” she asked looking directly at Larry.
Larry looked down at her smirking. The other boys snickered behind. One of them lit a cigarette and blew the smoke toward her. She ignored the blue gray haze that engulfed her head and stood defiantly with her arm crossed. Finally he said “who”. The others laughed out loud now.
Sara’s mouth tightened in anger. She became aware of the .38 snub nose tucked in her waist under her shirt. She would have to restrain herself from pulling it out and sticking it in this idiot’s face. “Travis , Larry. Where is he? He should of been back hours ago. We have to go to New Mexico tomorrow. He needs to be home for rest. Please tell me if you sent him on a ghost hunt.”
” I don’t know where he is. He’s probaly on a date with freckles or something. I’m sorry if your jealous.” Again everyone erupted with laughter.
“Goddamn it Larry , he needs his medicine. Without it he will become dangerous and then I’m sending him your way with the gun! or he could die, and that will be on your shoulders , legally speaking.” she bluffed.
“Alright , alright. He came by and we told him she was at the quarry. We had him follow us there. He’s probably in the shaft lost wandering around.” He actually looked a little ashamed , she wasn’t sure.
Sara just glared at him with disgust before finally turning to go and murmured ” fucking idiots”
Her yellow stringy hair rose and fell like the surge of a angry sea stricken by a violent storm. Her little legs tightened and flexed as she stomped her feet down with wrath seemingly like a mad god shaking the ground each time distant thunder exploded in the sky. Her deep blue eyes were narrowed like cold steel slits of a gun slot on a rolling tank. The .38 revolver stuck out of her waist. Its shape melted into her form casting a shadow like that of a old time gunslinger traversing the barren landscape of the dying day as dusk struck at its final light and threw out the stars from behind the world.
She followed the lighted stone path to the open lake and sprawling set of abandoned buildings. The city couldn’t keep the local youth out so they lit the place up to make it less dangerous and allow police to see better on their patrols. The shaft was a artificial labyrinth carved into the cliffs used by the workers years ago for mining of minerals. It was lit up because too many kids were getting lost inside. The walls were striped with colored arrows pointing to different locations.
She saw the blue truck parked near the shaft entrance and headed that way.

Travis M Smith
DOC #529433

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