Travis Smith


part 2. universe 4 A Girl and Neptune

Sara stepped into the cool cave like corridor. The long rows of light gave of an eerie feeling along with the rumbling thunder outside. She and Travis loved thunder storms and would normally be sitting some where watching it roll in. But here she was by herself going into a spooky dim shaft to look for her crazy older friend who is probably talking to a figment of his imagination. She felt fear creep into her blood which was unusual for her. What the hell was wrong? Thunder cracked like a whip behind her and she jumped.
As she made her way along the winding maze she started to doubt finding him here. She forced herself to continue. The thunder was banging and booming with loud echos bouncing off the rock walls. She could smell the nitrate in the rain that had begun to pour. Now she knew she had to find him so she didn’t have to walk home in the storm.
Finally she heard someone speaking. She hurried up and followed the voice as it grew louder. She hoped it didn’t stop before homing in on it. At last she came to another opening and saw him sitting on a bench with his back to her. She stopped and waited. She felt like she was intruding , but on who? It was just him and a ghost. She listened.
” Why do I have to go there? ” he asked and sat in silence hearing a voice only he could perceive. ” I don’t know , freckles, I don’t like the sound of it. It seems scary. Are they really from another planet? How have you gotten involved with them? ” he seemed uncomfortable and Sara started feeling bad about witnessing one of his episodes. But it was fascinating too. What was that about another planet?
” No , please don’t tell me that. I am on your side and love you , but why must I do that. There must be something else I can do instead. I haven’t even seen this guy your talking about , this spy.”
Sara cleared her throat. She couldn’t listen any longer. Travis turned and saw her. He looked relieved to see her. His smile was genuine and his eyes betrayed its emotional content. After a couple of minutes he turned to where his ghost was and she could tell big freckles was gone. ” Hi , Travis. You okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. I was just , you know , talking to her.”
” yeah , I know. Well , we better get out of here. Its storming good and we need to get some sleep.”
” Okay , let’s go.”

They drove into town and saw that the ice cream and sandwich shop was open. They decided to get something to eat. The storm passed and the air was warm and felt refreshed so they sat at a far away table and ate in mostly silence. They sat for a moment and watched the far away lightning. It was in two directions. Another storm was coming in behind the last one.
As they drove by the park Sara looked over and thought she saw Larry’s car. She told Travis to pull into the park and turn out the headlights. They parked and got out. Travis waited to question what she was up to. For now he let her lead him by the hand over to the grass and trees. She giggled quietly as she yanked him close to her and they hid behind a fat oak tree. They ran to another and another until they were near the vehicle. Soon the shapes of four shadowy heads appeared with voices. Smoke was rolling out of the windows along with laughter.
Sara grinned hugely and pulled the gun out of her waist. She covered her mouth with one hand so as not to laugh out loud. She looked up at Travis who was shaking his head no. Sara shook her head yes. Travis whispered ” what are you going to do?”
Sara only snickered and took off and ducked behind a trash barrel directly behind the car. She raised the gun up and pulled the trigger. A deafening explosion saturated the area with its percussion. Heads and hands instantly started flailing about along with shrill screams. Red embers burst like fireworks in the vehicle and left glowing tracing arcs as some attempted to be thrown out the window in a frantic scramble. Sara pulled the trigger again and the car came alive with its wheels screeching as it sped away.
Sara turned and walked over to Travis who was now smiling. Sara began laughing hysterically and then Travis joined her. They both fell to the ground and laughed for a good while.
When they pulled up to Travis’ house Sara told him she had to go talk to her mom about the trip. It might be awhile. She told him to go ahead and get to bed , that she’d join him later, maybe. She turned and headed across the street. Her mom was not working her late job tonight. She would almost expect her mom to trust her on anything and let her do whatever. But this she had doubts. It would take alot of convincing. She imagined the conversation in her head – ” oh, by the way mom , can I travel out of state to New Mexico with my adult male schizophrenic friend from across the street? Why , oh , because his imaginary girlfriend has told him she would meet him there and tell him secrets so significant it would change their lives forever… and by the way we may encounter some scary aliens… So, can I mom, please?

An hour later Sara was at Travis’ window and opened it letting calico in as she did so. Lightning was lacerating the sky furiously. There was no thunder yet , just the incessant violet serrated streaks illuminating her actions that may of been perceived as a burglar in the night by any passer by. She smiled when she thought of the fact she had a key to the front and back door but still always slid into his house at night through the window. She leaped and pulled herself up and through and almost flipped over as she came pouring onto the floor. Calico jumped out of her way as she flopped onto the soft rug atop the hardwood floor. She glanced at the cat and said thanks for helping me. Again she laughed to herself , innocently thinking about how Travis used to talk to the cat , but because the cat actually talked to him.

Travis M Smith
DOC #529433

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