Antonio Stovall

Introduction Blog, by Antonio Stovall

whats up yall?my name is antonio,but my family and friends call me tony or yayo,im from new olrean’s down town out the 7th ward,im also 30 yrs ol,i been in prisson since i was 16teen,right now i been in prison 14teen yrs bout to be 15teen,as of right now i have 4yrs left just tryin to meet some new friends to come home and kick with…im very loyal i like to say what i mean and mean what i say,yes i iam a leo…lol…but with that being said i enjoy reading working out and readin i also like to ply chest frm time to time….im open minded so please feel free to asked me what ever….rigth i dont have a pic up on here ,but i will add one soon….yu can hit me up with a e-mail and yu would like to get to know about the kid ya feel me…(my address is antonio stovall #517956….im respectful person so let’s get to know eachother….always yayo…one

My release date is 5-10-2024… address is antonio stovall #517956 1630prison.rd caj-2-d1 cottonport,la 71327 my e-amail is antonio stovall #517956 thank yu very much..

Antonio Stovall
DOC #517956

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