Sammie Joseph

by Sammie Joseph

name:Sammie Joseph(aka) muggie
doc#452786 or 504-723-2276
location of jail:1630 Prison rd. cottonport,la. 71327 (u can write me here as well.just make sure u add my name and doc#)

#2 who am i hello world!its me again.this is my second blog to yall.first i wont to say that i go by the name of muggie as a didnt come from the streets or friends or doing crazy shit like mugging came from the woman who raised me to the!(grams)i miss this lady so much!god bless her…that fucking woman should me so much shit and love at the sametime.she should me how to be a boss and how to get money.a fucking woman!can u be leave that shit.daddy and momma was always there.did what they was suppost to as well.but when i go by grams house.its like i was living a double life that my other peeps didnt know about.cause they was square to the street shit.moms was hipped a lil.she keep me fly and tart anigga how to stay fresh to death at all dad ass was a work fucking hard all the time to make sure we had everything.we was like hoodrich…we had shit that muthafuckas hustle band clothes,bling,nameband shoes,and of course the crib was lade fuck that was the good old days…but back to the present now…that justs some of my roots that made me the nigga that i am today.i learn alot from muthafucka in the streets at the age of 9.yah thats write baby.i moved out moms shit and move by cousin already had the block bumping.anything u wonted they at 9 i jump in the game.didnt know shit and a muthafucka could teach me shit either.except grams!lol.she was the only person i trusted.i was the littlest nigga and youngest out there late at nite hang with niggas thats older then me that a kill at my call for me when i say so.them niggas luv me but i didnt trust them or nobody else but the first thing i did when i got my money up was buy me a…my first gun was so big for anigga my…i remember it like it was was a 44 long bulldog.i name it that cause of the sound it made when i bust it.i was so short when i held it down the bitch lade on the ground.niggas was scared just seeing me with this bitch out on my lap and shit.cause they knew that i wouldnt time when on i made a name for myself as the littliest nigga that did it.i got more money and out shine older niggas.after about year in it.i save every dime and stayed on the same street for the whole year.i bath,shit,pissed and was back on the block before niggas knew i was gone.i had grew i didnt fuck with cuts then.i was the man in my city that im from by the age of 10.lmao!!!smfh…i ran shit!me!lil owe…i know this shit is hard to believe.but it is what it the age of 13 i moved out grams shit and in to my own me my first whip.all with the thanks of dope feens.they put everything in they name for anigga.i brought brand new everything for my new first girl was a married chick thst was 27 at the time.she broke my virgin the same day i got my own…i felt like a king that day.a new man!and a grown ass man at that.but other woman always tried to holla at me cause i was young and on in the streets.some i paid mind to.but most i didnt.cause i knew the game and played it well anuf to know when a bitch was out for my money and a woman just wonted to chill and be in my time went on i got bigger.niggas never tryed me for some reason.i never be jack or rob.and i was out there with some niggas who got rob by my other niggas.shit was crazy for me to be in the middle of shit like that.but i just use to tell the jacks to chill and the jack to make it back.i would help them both to make it right.i gave to them both.only cause u cant get money like that.and it was peanuts to me.i can go all night with the shit i be threw.but im not.what im really working on is to write books about my life and true story i have lived.the best is yet to come.believe that shit!if anybody reading this can help me with my book writing.hit me up!ASAP!!!intill next time readers and follows,besafe and injoy yall freedom!trust when i say its no game were im at…and freedom is what we miss in here the most!!!lmao…that and some pussy of course!!!lol!!!lmfao!!!!(1)

Sammie Joseph
DOC #452786

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