Mark Blain

Adam … Eve, by Mark Blain

When we come to the (so-called) “fork in the road,” where everyone asks the ultimate question: what is the meaning of life? why am I here?

What is the answer?

I cannot answer the question for you. All I can do is suggest a beginning…

When a new believer (a novitiate) is at the dawning of their journey they are “Adam.” In the Hebrew it is pronounced “Aw-dawm,” and at this point one is in an “aw-dawm-ic” state of existence. This means one has come to realize they are nothing more than mere malleable clay: red, ruddy, animated dirt. In the Latin it is expressed thusly: “pulvis et umbra sumus,” which means “we are but dust and shadows.” As such realization sinks in, we ought to be cognizant of how lowly our station really is and be humbled. After all, if not for the fact that Yahweh took dirt, formed it, and then breathed life into it, we wouldn’t exist.

Here we are beginning to comprehend something, and through introspections, reflections and observations we are now “self-aware,” and this self-awareness IS the name “Eve.” In the Hebrew it is the word “Chavvah,” which means “life-giver, and it is the uniting principle, as is one’s soul, underlying all subjective experience, as that subjectiveness relates to the OBJECTIVE (Yahweh).

The clay, after becoming self-aware, has a point in which it becomes marred, destroyed, and then made malleable again (Jer. 18:1-5), a d then on its true journey — “THE WAY.” The Hebrew term is pronounced “day-wreck.” This “WAY” is the fulfillment of Yahweh’s plan for one’s existence. Through introspections, humility, prayer, meditation, application of the WORD to one’s life, etc., will open the door and get you on your WAY.

Agape in Yashua Messiah…m

Then, something else occurs. Ignorance and

Mark Blain
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