Marcus Henderson

When The Trump–et Sounds! by Marcus Henderson

It just blows my mind how we have a president (our political leader) who claims to be so in tune with the general society/economy, but at the same time out of wack with reality!!! He likes to be acknowledged as the first president to be this active in social media, with his twitter accounts and his famous posts/slogans such as fake news and fake media….and it just astounds me how many people are still so full of hate and racism that they would stand behind and support a man who is biast, a proven liar, and a man who puts his want before the needs of the american people!!! Have you seen this state of emergency he has put out??? Are you kidding me?? illegal
aliens getting caught at the border is at a all time low….but allow me to hit you with some real news!!! He’s blaming all our troubles and the crime increase in the U.S.A. on the southern borders due to drugs, human trafficking, and violence by the “MS 13’s” First off the MS 13’s are responsible for less than 3% of our national crime rate, and less than 13% of our conviction rate….while in the last 5yrs. the police are responsible for 25% of the murders in the urban communitys of our great states!!! He talks about this crisis at our borders…what about the civil war raging on in our on soil between the police and the young black youth of America???? For how long do you expect the minority’s to sit back and watch case after case of unarmed youths getting killed by those sworn to protect and serve us, (by the ones Trump chooses to acknowledge in his speeches, salute, and have moments of silence for) without no consequences or justice being served?!?! This is where the real war is…When the youth…(our future) starts to see and believe that the once “good guys” (our boys in blue) are now the bad guys!!! And as the future inches closer…the divide widens!!! On one side, you got fathers telling there sons that if your going to get killed anyway no matter what you do (with no justice) at least die with honor….and on the other side you got fathers telling there sons that want to be cops like there daddy…take no chances, those guys are animals and savages that will snatch your life from the hearts of your loved ones with no hesitation!!! “It’s us verses them!!” You tell me where the real State Of Emergency is?? Every country is a reflection of their political leader!!! These damn walls that’s gonna “save the world” is not about to stop drugs from coming through!!! This isn’t the wild wild west anymore!! 80% of our nations drugs comes through the checkpoints at the border either through bribery,extortion, or vehicles with compartmentalized stash spots…..and the sinoloa cartel is one of the biggest suppliers….(which is why El choppo) was such (and still is) such a focal point of the federal government!! Not the Ms13’s!!! And the ones they do catch running through fields and hiding in sheds are the ones scared for their lives and trying to escape the real violence and real crime of their government who happens to run their country!!! Are they seriously the big threat??? Trump wants to take our attention off him being a Russian asset, off him tampering with our election, off the staff that once worked for him facing 100’s of charges, (some of which are now implicating him as playing a role, or being knowledgeable about some of these crimes) Trump has took one the most famous pages out of all of the most famous Dictators Playbooks!!!! “When you face the threat of losing power, or losing control of your nation……Create crisis!!! Because in the midst of crisis the people look for a savoir!!!” So much for our democracy!!!!

Marcus Henderson
DOC# 732-916

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