Nathan Carter

Spiritual Therapy, by Nathan Carter

1). When it came to being authentic, I lacked truth.
Standing for nothing, even better, I suffered.
Deep within my own assumptions.
Falling for anything, that was disruptive.
Towards the young man, I was, physically, becoming.

2). You could have, found me, bleeding on people, who.
Cared, for the man, I was suppose to be, supposedly.
The same ones, who, motivated me.
To think, beyond the negativity, that effected me, emotionally.

3). Plus I, never sought, the opportunity, to analyze.
Those who were closest to me.
I was, wanting to be-more like them.
And less like the man, my father created me, to be.

4). While embracing, loyalty.
On my own, alone, like it’s supposed to be.
Even if it gets lonely, without mercy.

5). Because the only slim chance, I get, in this world, is thin.
Like the, space between my teeth.
If I, left it up, to what-most of you demons think.
So please, pardon, the starving artist, but striving to be conscious,
had me harboring garbage and regardless of the non-sense.

6). Often, I need SPIRITUAL-THERAPY, because.
I, was living my life, thinking I was flawless, loveless.
So incarceration happened, possibly.
To contain, how I was thinking.
Because my thinking, was illegitimate, captivated with criminal intentions.
Quoting blasphemous words, which painted me.
Delinquent, in the eyes of those who influenced me.

7). Now I, master mind the art to never forget, about the mess I was left. Standing in, being enticed by faulty friends, with their devilish grin.
Who’s love was paper thin, in a circle, where survival is slim.

8). But I’m, still-standing, still-creative,
still-patient of love in the moment of.
Walking the pavement, illuminated, living off-experience.
Where I haven’t slept yet, because my 3rd eye, poetically.
Seen more than what you could, ever-imagine.
Spiritual Therapy’ through any weather

Nathan Carter
DOC #a373396

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