Adonte' Cherry

Longing For Your Love, by Adonte Cherry

I Long For Your Love, missing you so much, as many moons of time have past since we shared space. You remain as close to me as the echo of my inner most thoughts. LOVE being the highest form of elevation, yet still isn’t suitable enough to describe this feeling. LOVE even in its splendour can’t fit the weight of this feeling. LOVE is just a feather in comparison to my longing for you. Missing the subtlety of your glance, the radiant shine of your smile, and the beauty the most high anointed to your face.
I long for you to enchant me the softness of your angelic voice each morning, to awaken my empty heart within these caged walls, cause being, at that moment life begins. I long to gaze deep into your eyes to understand that you are so much more than my woman, my reflection. To understand what even LOVE fails to define, to see and cee the essence of a woman as the source of eternal life.
I long to complete you, make you whole, yet I must fight a sense of unworthiness, an awful dark veil my minds pulling over my heart.
“How could I…..”
I sometimes think,
“…in prison be fit to be your foundation?”
Until I feel your warm embrace assuring me that my incarceration is of no consequence, I can’t help b.u.t to feel unworthy. Living with voices of you reassuring me you were all mine as we make LOVE. Thoughts, dreams and premonitions that feel like actual memories, like flashbacks of us kissing each morning as we parted ways.
I long and envision living as a King beside my Queen, yet everyday when I wake up I remain caged within these walls of concrete and steel. Struggling in a life unreal, while I sleep in a realm of reality, thinking of you. The woman that drives me, inspires me, and will’s me to survive in order to hear your voice. You’ve become my assurance and realization that I long for LOVE until I meet you…….

Adonte Cherry #738-700
Lebanon Correctional
p.o. box 56
Lebanon, oh 45036

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