Jermaine Green

Introduction Blog, by Jermaine Green

Hi my name is Jermaine green I’m 36 years old I’m locked up for robbery and gun’s.I got locked up on March 1st,2018 and I’m do to get out 2/23/2039,but I’m putting my appeals in so that date is expected to change significantly in do time, it is just going to be a process.all i do is keep my head in the law books and stay connected with my family because everybody needs somebody especially in this type of situation.. I spend most of my days in here either working out reading or going to school or any vocational program they have to offer because the mind is a terrible thing to waist.i been watching what i eat far as no pork or red meat, I be eating mostly fish, chicken, turkey, rice,fruits, veggies.. that’s one thing I’m big on in here is taking care of myself.I’m real down to earth and really easy to talk to I have a good since of humor, I love to laugh, especially in a situation like this, sometimes i laugh to keep from crying… I have a lot on my mind and i love to talk and share my life experiences… So when y’all see my blog feel free to write me about whatever you want to,I’ll write back (: signing off/

Jermaine green
DOC #748-261

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