Max McBride

by Max McBride

Part 1
Born in it

My life real, no movie
I grew up around real Gangstas.
They rise me to survive in this cold world.
My hood like a real war zone .
Im from Livingston Ave, Oak wood
& Whittier to be exact.
We live for the moment in my hood
pu##y ,money ,gunz ,drugs & fly cars
is all we know,that’s the motto
and we ball till we fall ,flat out.
Im in prison rigth now 17 in with 6 left
for involuntary manslaughter, agg robbery,abduction & a gun spec.
and I did this crime for the love of the
paper.In da hood ,if you ain’t got no
paper you mines well kill yaself
because if you don’t, you will be a outcast.
See I’m giving y’all this shh raw,
for y’all that don’t understand ,why we do what we do.
I thought for years to write a urban book about my life in the ghetto
before prison .But its not in my heart to
write no fantasy shh.
My testimony is for that lil brother
that’s not off the proach yet ,going to school .But scared & confused by the fastlife, he see in the hood. Im here to tell all the lil brothers that haven’t
jump off the proach,don’t do it.
Because if you do ,you will be the devils
slave ,till he use you up & throw you away,rather it be death or prison.
See when I was younger, I had nobody to give me this reality check
at a young age are nobody to show
me a better way.
When I get out of prison I’m gon
be sucessful and dedicate my life to
saving the youth that’s my word.
See one thing I fully understand is
to save the youth I have to teach them
how to live productive lives flat out,
aint no in between.

Part 2

Freedom first starts in the mind
Then it will show outward if you
truly believe
Believing is standing firm
by all means necessary
God made us to be survivers
So whoever you are outthere
Keep faith& live
God loves us all
Look how much he provides
for us

I wish everybody the best and
much love world
#World love
#Freedom starts in the mind
# Believe in God because he believes
in us

Max Da Great

Max MCbride
DOC #A466513

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