Tony Lewis

A Man With Some Change (part 3), by Tony Lewis

” See, a deed from the mind, often times comes with malice, cause in the mind..thats where malice lurks. But on the other hand, when a deed comes from the heart, it can only come with compassion, and love. Because in the heart, those things are the only things there.”

The more days I see, the more and more Ive comprehended his philosophy. Most of the time, people offer their help because they expect a something in return- Ive learned that those deeds, are deed which come from the mind. But a deed, like the deed my granddaddy showed, on that hot day in DC, outside that store…was a deed from the heart.
And to think, I learned all of this, from a Man With Some Change.

Thank you.

The author of this story is a Kansas prisoner on a path of redemption-Tony T Lewis 98308. He is expected to release his first work of non fiction titled A Million Wayz II Make A Million Wagez, a book where he teaches and inspires other people with criminal histories how to make alot of money without selling drugs, commiting crimes, or even having to work for a grumpy boss at Target.
He is currently working on his next short story, called ” Miss Johnson”
He can reached promptly via

Tony Lewis
DOC #98308


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