Alan Thrower

The Age of Divine Culture in the 21st Century, by Alan Thrower

By Master Supreme “One God” Born Universe

Throughout time the universe wasn’t created in a single day nor was it created in a single moment. But the uncreated universe has always existed, without a beginning or a end. And whatever didn’t exist eventually it came to be. And whatever “came to be” in it, contained everything that God called into existence. Everything. From the sky, the stars, the earth, air, water, fire, animals and plants to human beings everything became what it is. From this understanding of our universe, we can consciously accept the philosophical thought, inscribed by ancient civilizations who many would agree impacted our research into further understanding this planet. But with the start of it all, this thought, this understanding, this wisdom came straight outta Egypt. Today I hear everybody reping that “Straight Outta Compton” line used by Ice Cube, in NWA’s 1989 hit “Fuck the police” all over. And even more recently I’ve seen T-shirts being rocked in the latest attire with the “Straight Outta” slogan used to represent where they come from. But I stand strong on my opinion, when I say all thought, all ideology, all philosophy came “straight outta Egypt”. In this age of divine culture in the 21st century we should recognize that, in which the principals set fourth by God became things that Mattered. And things that matter are things substantiated by the sum total of an event. And time is the supreme virtue of all matters divinely set to restore everything to it’s natural order. It is the “Law of becoming” that acting on these matters makes it tangible to those who were called upon to change this world before they themselves were even thought into existence. If this world is in a continued state of change and movement in the evolutionary time of the 21st century, then God is right on time. God will complete creation. And up to this point I think the world has become totally lost with materialistic things to ensure God’s existence on planet earth, excluding. Not believing that Gods can actually walk in the flesh. Not believing that man himself can transform into a supreme God being. But first it is the consciousness that emerges within our minds, which brings fourth the primordial God that lives inside us to determine weather god or devil will manifest. It allows us to stand and walk upright so that we may not follow our low nature of the human-animal instinct. According to ancient Egyptian texts it is God “Ra” who conceives beings and birth them into existence. “Ra” is the creation of all gods and none is higher than the word. We hear all kinds of terms being used to describe Ra. God, Jehovah, Allah and his 99 names, Jesus who the Christians believe became the word manifested. But “Ra” holds more substance of all that can explain what god truly is. And a word is all that it is. Ra is the explanation of all things created. So if were following divine culture correctly there should be no confusion about what is set fourth. Nowadays I see a lot of rappers and entertainers following and representing “The Culture” in the latest North American fashion. From Jay-Z and Beyonce artistic videos and their beautiful approach to birth black babies into music, style and African culture. To Kanye and Kim Kardashian West for the ever promotion of Love, Peace, happiness and assured prison reform tactics. To Cardi B and Off-Set of the migos group, For keeping it rocking for the younger generations and keeping that ghetto style alive. And even to Van of TMZ news for speaking open and intelligently about discriminatory issues we still face, along with Harvey Levin who never stops reporting on the news that’s having the most influence in our society. This is our history and All these public figures and many more will be discussed in the Age of Divine Culture In the 21st century. With some historical accounts, and even religious theology that impacts our views on what and who god is. it will show that these times are under heavy scrutiny of social change and God is on his way. It is so thus that God set a divine Culture for all human beings. A new age of diverse races, beautiful In all colors that god sees in his social change. And we must use the blessing from our Original people of this planet, to get back to our natural habitat and be what we were intended to be. “Ra creation” of Black sapiens from the nile valley who sprung from dirt and walked here first is where we need to be for the purpose of all humanity. And in the words of Huey P. Newton ” We as a whole, black people should view each other with great Love and a great understanding towards one another. And we need to try and extend this Love to the general black population of the States and also oppressed black people around the world”. We came all the way from being made to believe that we were less than human, less than them. So In this time all hate, all violence, all disrespect against one another should STOP. We need to start educating ourselves that we come from God’s and Kings of planet earth. That our worth and our standards will be put on the highest platforms, for anyone who STEPS that doesn’t know truth. We went from being damn near on the brink of extinction through European colonization, and that should have impacted us enough to recognized who our real enemies are. For all natural peoples of planet earth your history, your rituals, your ways, and most of all, your blood is not dead. It is our attempt to bring you back so that we may express culture and freedom gain power and refinement to rebuild civilizations that were once great, but brought down by the devilish white people who destroyed our past. we can now reclaim our future and oppose a new way of life for all men, woman, and children and set an example for future generations to follow. Let us bring peace! for humanity and may all gods Rest In Power…

Alan Thrower
DOC #AI1509

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