Caroline Peoples

My First Love, by Caroline Peoples

My love I long for you
The way you look in the morning
The smell of your breath
The way you greet me when I open the door
How you make love to all of my senses
I long for your touch
The noises you make when no one else is listening
Oh how you change from day to day
How your fullness envelopes me
Welcomes me
You never turn me away
So accepting
I have never cheated on you
Never turned my back
Never meant to hurt you
I always thought we would be
Why did you leave ?
Didn’t you know I was In love with you ?
Freedom you are my first love.

Caroline Peoples
DOC #163969

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  1. You have always been a great writer. I’m very proud of you. I recently did a reading in New York in front of hundreds of people and it reminded me of our performances. Keep up the wonderful work. If you ever need me just let me know. You have me of the outside of them walls rooting for you. Sincerely BISHOP.


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