Angel Dejesus

Life, by Angel Dejesus

The purpose of this poem is for everyone that’s dealing with feeling trapped whether is behind bars or in the world and want or need help, is never easy whenever feeling like this, for me I learn to ask for help, you can to.

As I travel thru the mist of this lonely road, I reminisce of a time were I was all alone. I ponder on my life and I asked, “why” was I placed here, with out meaning or tears just to follow the crow with numbers on their sleeves and no recognition of who they really are. If life is living, then what am I doing . “Life”, I wonder. Nights become colder, Days become shorter, still I walk and pretend like nothing is wrong, only to stop in front of a wall made of solid concrete and I’m trapped with no sight or light to see, only a small crack on the wall that allows me to feel a small breeze of cold air, but I can’t tell the weather , is this life or am I still asleep, or is this a really bad dream, “Can someone help me please”, for my body and mind is Trapped in the Bermuda Triangle and I have not yet been found . “Life”.
Thank you

Angel R Dejesus
DOC #1037159

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