Dennis Watson

Approaching the 8th Year, by Dennis J. Watson

In the beginning of this journey people said things & made hollow promises that always are see through… Sometimes I feel it would’ve been easier to be killed by the task force that was sent after me for nothing… A lot of things travel in the mind of a devoted father that has been stripped of everything but the things in my mind, & I no longer own them once I relinquish them to you… Granted, I thank my readers a million times over because you keep my hopes living… I have my youngest still here, but will it change as she ages like her sister has? Everyone is dealing with this the way they do, but to be the outcast like I never had a place in your lives is sad… I chose not to be poetic, because I feel everything but beauty at the moment…

I know that the possibility of things positively unfolding has only been prayers away… Love is an insult in injury when it comes to my personal life & whom abuses that 4 letter word in regards to me… Anyone else has far gone elsewhere & I feel no way about there decisions… Family is another story… Besides my babies & my father, everyone else in the tree has been accumulated along the way… It definitely has been a valuable lesson & deepened the trust that I already didn’t have for law enforcement… With that being said… FUCK THE POLICE!!! (Middle fingers high) Really, order would be maintained if it were the gunslinger days again… Other than trump being a damn crybaby all the time, I could give a shit who runs the country… It seems nothing is becoming of anything anymore, so we should strive to become better in our personal… I honestly don’t know how things will be once I get home because the dislike of people grows into hatred by the hour… I just stay clear & hope that someone understands where I stand… The mood music plays an unorthodox playlist that can’t be duplicated… At the end of the day,
the beat plays on & time doesn’t stop either… Love is love & very seldomly knocks at my door step… When it does, I never question its intentions…

Dennis J. Watson
DOC #A632936

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