Dontay Horton

by Dontay Horton

my name is Dontay hotyon, im a africian amercian, im 29years old 5-18-89 im 5/8 150 pounds with an athletic build.Im brown skined with brown eyes,and my hairis black.Im from Akron ohio born and raised.My prison location is Ohio state penitentery 878 coitsville hubbard road, youngstown ohio 44505. I have been incarecerated since 2013, my out date is 2033.My contact info is Dontay Horton#623-375
I can also be reached through email at

How are you doing?first off i want to shout alll the ladys who know who they are, because im looking for a woman who knows her worth because i beleive behind every successful man stands a strong women.So with that being said, may God bless your soul.

for the most part,allow me to give you some insight on myself.Im easy going and love to laugh.Laughter is spiritually healing.I love music its somewhat a escape.What im looking for is to build a friendship with someone and reach out side these walls with a little communication.Im worth getting to know because i have a good understanding with people,and im not judgemental.I would like to to a women whos spiritual, funny, smart, and confident.If your alll these than to me your already beautiful,so if you have a open mind and a open heart, and would be interested in being part of my journey feel free to drop me a few lines.God bless you

Dontay Horton
DOC #623-375

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