Keith Bond Jr.

WDTL part #1, by Keith Bond Jr.

I just seen the news about the young teen in Chicago getting shot because he approach the officer for help. How can a black teen opposed a threat towards an officer with a weapon. Not only did he shoot this young man once,but twice. The consistency of this kids being kill or brutally harm. Is a sickness in this country that need to be address. The same way them officers don’t want to bury them from dying in the line of duty . Why, should these young men mother/fathers must bury their child over a officer mistake of assumption. its becoming critical everyday seriously. Yesterday in Columbus an officer almost shot two kids with an BB gun. Thank god he didn’t , but this man shot an unarm teen. YU our provoking a city of lost soul to become Baltimore in 68′ which is something we don’t need in America or do we? Everyday we all hold a value to this earth of innocents. Who gives the other to have right to establish that my life is not a factor to be live. Do these officer even really understand the greif black family feel. I hope true justice given an not some civil lawsuit of hush money just to sweep this under rug.

Keith Bond, Jr
DOC #537103

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