Jesse Stinson

THE SCIENCE OF LOVE, by Jesse Maurice Stinson


[3] Issue 3 questions if this systems speed can be measured. Scientists have attempted to do just that but have failed. For us To use a word like instantaneous is incorrect. The matter of the brain contains our potential energy, it is commonly called or resting mass while light or thought,those impulses we spoke of, is our active medium. Therefore it is safe for us to conclude that love operates similar to Electromagnetic energy and is commonly compared to it. Love does not manifest until it is created thru thought , which is when that impulse transmits from neuron to neuron. When the Energy of light is in motion it moves at a rate of 186,000 MPs. Within this light the particles interact with each other at a rate of 24 billion miles per second. This interaction is called phase velocity. At this point we may deduct that original love moves at a rate of 24 Billion miles per second or faster. As love expand’s it’s essence thru space and time. Whatever you do from this moment on I pray you begin to focus your thoughts on the energy of love and as my brother plies say, I pray whatever you do, “you do it out of love”. I started this message in peace and I shall end it the same. PEACE.

Jesse Maurice Stinson
DOC #A710916

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  1. Maurice you write soo beautifully. I always enjoy reading your articles. You’re a smart young man! Love


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