Kyle Taylor

DEAR DADDY, by Kyle Taylor

Dear daddy, why did you leave me here? Lost in cold darkness, full of fright and fear.You left me with an angel. She was my best friend. She showed me light and love, but, then the devil stepped in. He took me for a ride through the fiery pits of hell. Sank the hooks of addiction and from there I slipped and fell. I cried out to you and asked for help from all. Yet, I always gave up hope and continued to fall. The devil took my life, my love, he even took my soul. But, then I heard a gentle voice say, “I can give you back what the devil stole”. I look around confused. I said, “Who are you, what are you, what do you want from me”? He said, “This is Jesus and all I want is your apology”. I got down on my knees, arms held to the sky! “Oh, Jesus, please help me! I do not want to die”. Right then, I felt a warm sense of hope. I can now turn away satan and say no to the dope. Thank you Jesus for pulling me out of what I was going through. For the rest of my days I give my life to you!

DOC #A700087

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