Shaheed James

by Shaheed James

As you may know this is the Capital of the confederacy and that form of hate has resurfaced to confront our Governor of his past experience with racial issues.While I don’t believe that he is a racist I do know that anyone can operate from a source of hate and its impossible to claim those sentiments are somehow gone.
In 2000 the Va Supreme Court ruled that Law Makers failed to instruct the Courts to inform the Jury that parole was abolished in 1995.That left 5 yrs. of defendants between 1995-2000 who are essentially serving unlawful sentences.(HB1689 &SB1437)What makes this issue applicable to what’s going on is the Republican lead legislators in Va has been outright rejecting doing anything to correct this issue because of their hatred for us who they deem hardened criminals.This is significant cause it shows their hatred for criminals has effected their duty as Law Makers in protecting the integrity of the Law.
Many of these politicians have been proposing that he step down as Governor but this type of behavior in the Legislature has been going on for years and its been seen as business as usual.How can anyone claim to support criminal justice reform and not call this out?How do we know there aren’t clansmen In Va’s legislature?One of the Republican Senators a Mr Norment has been attached to Blackface but are we really to believe no one else has this in there background?They still honor Confederate Legends in the Capitol where the Black Lt.Gov had to step away from this in protest so how in God’s name can they have black peoples interests at heart?
We need this issue in the media cause its prime for confronting so if there is anyway you can get it out there then we greatly appreciate it.

Shaheed James
DOC #1015960

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