Wayne Gilliam

Just Me, by Wayne Gilliam

I like to call myself an introvert,
mostly because I’m not trying to fake kick it.
I mean why waste the time or breath,
when at the end of the day most people’s word ain’t shit?

these are my thoughts,
though sometimes they wonder.
its hard finding something or someone to hold my attention,
because like I said fake crap just becomes a blur.

even most loved ones don’t keep it honest,
that’s one knife that truly cuts deep.
like how do you claim love but,
its out of sight out of mind, leave a message after the beep?!

I guess what they say is true,
you’ll find out who’s on your side when you’re down.
they were with you and by you while up,
yet when you’re in need of help rising, all you get are frowns.

i’ve been through so much pain in this life,
I hope that someday my prayers take ’em all away.
until that day comes though,
I’ll be a quiet person with a lot to say…

Wayne Gilliam #453-816
p.o.box 120
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

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