Dennis Watson

I Hate People, by Dennis Watson

It’s such a strong word to describe something… I try to be cordial, but it dissolves to nothing… I must be an old man or something, screaming at the kids to get off my lawn, but it’s all for nothing… They deceive, mischeive, & believe they’re God’s gift… In the end just the number one vessel for hell’s trip… I admit, I’ve been turned on, told on, & if they would’ve had the gas can burned down… Smiles mean nothing when they’re everything but genuine from a grown child… I went from crowded rooms to solitude to try & elude what I cannot run from… Confronted by every form of deaf, blind, & dumb within a war that cannot be won… I carry 2 full tons of weight with each step… Burying the burden upon my back with not one hand to help… Just seems like I can’t trust anyone unless, you’ve been to the joint… Because regular joes make opinions & asinine points… If a minister can anoint me just like they do you… why is it that I’m treated as if I’ve invented the darkest of voodoo… All you do is point the finger, while 3 point back… Blame my race for the reason your teenage daughter is on crack, or has a heroin addiction… Apparently, you misread memo… We have misled each other to believe they will give us all free info… One of the many reasons I hate people, especially cops… Invading our business & piss in the pot that they expect us to drink out of… Infecting our children’s minds while they’re young into making them believe that you can be trusted… Up until they receive some size that brings fear up until a gun is busted, at a minority… Sounds like a nepolian complex of inferiority to show seniority or power… Ordinarily I wouldn’t say much pertaining to it, but the devil ordered me to devour, & God has permitted… Unless I made a basketball player’s wage I would never be acquitted… They make us deliberately seem like its love for each other’s lives that can’t be permitted, black ones anyway… What is there to rekindle when the trust has been decayed? We went from slaves, to free, giving free will to sell speed, weed, & anything they give us just to be, slaves again… Made to see friends I’ve known for years leave when the season ends… This is another reason I can’t stand people… Made to look human, but in reality a man made creature… Sand castles cave in when wettness invades… At the same time I fell faster than Seattle rain… I still feel pain that I never display like a Macy’s manniquin… Hate seems harsh to say, but it changes you like Anaquin Skywalker, better known as Darth vader… My fingers part pages before turning… At this point of my life I don’t even bother interesting myself in learning, the mannerisms of people… The Hannibal hunger we hold is an insatiable animal to eat us, read between those last words… I’ve seen the fiend in a less than serene state of being the bastard… My last words won’t mean anything just like yours, they’ll just be forgotten… Unless you’re a rock n roll star or a man that just shot the president… I’ve been a resident of this life approaching 4 decades… I’ve knocked on enough wood to build a deck, but my luck never changed… Walked on every concrete road that the cement can pave, but at the end of the road one thing will never change, my dislike for people… They never recognize the good that I’ve done, so the hell with it, I’ll just fight for my evils… I’ve come from a home broken into 4 halves 3 thrown away then sewn shut… Love thrown in ever direction that I can see, but it seems like after 1993 I’ve been shown none… My childhood used to be so fun until one day the snow came & the rosebuds never bloomed… Cocoons of Caucasians raised to murder black faces before there adolescence every bloomed… This isn’t new, or a recent development… They say a double minded man is unstable in his ways… His only karma is the falling stalagtite in an unlit cave, so he’ll never see it coming… Multiply the times man has realized that it’s too late by zero, it always amounts to nothing… With all the corrupt judges, polices officers & politicians you got some nerve to handcuff me… That why I hate people… They always find a way to create pandemonium from peaceful… Greeting you with a diaper full of bullshit fresh from the pasture… Gives the right to remain silent but always has the last word… I’d rather been born a motherless bastard without a last word to speak… Standing firm on my feet, instead of dying on my knees… I’m not pleased with who runs the country, I’m just satisfied that they haven’t had the reasons to hunt me… Only thing that haunts me, is being lynched by a hate group… You hated me 1st, 11 times more & worse than I ever could’ve hated you… This is why we smooth talk your women, so when it’s times to lay in, & she’s worn out, you just fall in her… I think you have a good inner reason to be furious with me, but you started it… The heart of this man isn’t to be taken lightly, because most of the concrete parts have chipped… I lived my life with no regrets, gave much respect, but the return was like tax season… To be a black man incarcerated for nothing in america, is the reason I hate people…

Dennis J. Watson
DOC #A632936

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