Hubert Antoine

hello, society. so , how was it that I forgot about having a voice? by Hubert Antoine

who feels as though no matter the voice the powers of this country will still over- ride truth with falsehood and project white surpremacy through the glamorization of their killers such as Hannibal lector , Jason ,Freddy,Michael Meyers,etc. which creates the double standard of reality. Anything consistent to equality , justice , or other cultures having a form of dominance here in this country it is looked at as being a situation where without the assistance of their supremacy all other cultures wouldn’t necessarily matter. okay , what about the prison system? Aren’t prisoners called offenders? isn’t the definition of this term =one who offends.? therefore,are we to believe that once fully recovered from whatever led to being incarcerared , and while inside of the institution, I am to be labeled as such? who am I offending ? why am I offending them? although these snazzy little descriptions are far from the truth, does this justify why over 60 something percent of the earnings of a person sent to work-release is taken; not including the room and board fees of the daily living expenses of life ,toiletries , hygiene, doctor visits ,medications,. there is no way a minimum wage job could get one ready and established to be productive in society,much less ,financially stable enough to integrate back into the social flux. we want to blame the individuals, when its the intentional debauchery of the system that is always in question, from the wording of a thing or the actual set of circumstances itself. Has the american people not seen enough of their family ,freinds and spouses go into the custody of the state to be trapped by what was only designed for whom was considered to be only 3\5ths of a human being . with all the racism and police shootings ,church burnings and subtle depictions of black women with the masculine white male minus the effeminate black punk or ignorant urbanite ,we find ourselves searching for the voice that will be adhered to affirmatively and effectively , breaking down all of the popular mechanics of these devious creations of entrapment and unjustified plots to sabotage prisoners and the american public through televised mythologies that are reinforced conceptions of lies That is being forged into reality through these systemics of government,and unseen hands who perpetuate the daily racketeering and human warehousing. I challenge those of you who are reading this and understand more than I’m saying to reply with some feasible solutions . I will continue to provoke thoughts but I will also he you out of your comfort zone real soon.there are things going on ,that if reported here could be going on on a larger scale. remember to keep in mind that I’m in the back yard of some far off bloodline of a slave owners’ land and whistleblowing is even punishable. so what is DOING THE RIGHT THING,or utilizing your voice really about if the freedom to do so is going to be used as a device to intimidate . thank you society for viewing . I remain captive but mentally free.

Hubert Antoine #340107 c2/a2
1630 prison rd.
cotton port,La. 71327

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