Jesse Stinson

THE SCIENCE OF LOVE, by Jesse Maurice Stinson


I’ll start this speech off in peace and greet you in the language of my Arabic brothers As-salaamu alakum. Does anyone the speed of light? The speed of light is 186,00 miles per second. Does anyone know the speed of thought? The speed of thought is said to be 24 billion miles per second. I ask these questions because I intend to prove to you with these figures what love is and to take a quick glance at nature to verify my hypothesis, that love is a system of pure energy.
I know most of us believe love is an emotion but that is just the limit of our understanding. Love is so much more relevant in the physical. See, the love I’m referring to is NOT the same love society has defined for us. I call that love “Generic Love”. This generic love is what Dr. Hawkins, who was a leading behavioral scientist , described as an emotional condition that combines physical attraction, possessiveness, control, addiction, and eroticism. This generic love is usually fragile and fluctuating. It can be turned on and off and once a partner in a relationship that has this generic love becomes bored or unable to act out one of the attributes they usually reveal and underlying anger and dependency issue ,that that partner was masking in the first place.
Now, tell me this, what are mans 2 strongest emotion’s ? Love and Anger are mans 2 strongest emotion’s. Emotions are our biggest motivator and source of energy.
Then we have what I have termed as “Original Love”. Original love is the purest form of Energy that man has access to because this form of energy is Linked with the infinite energy of our universe. So, staying true to my method let us define this energy. ENERGY in the realm of physics is defined as “The work that a physical system is capable of doing, being of usable heat or electrical power.” What this definition of energy implies is 3 major keys to finding the science of love.
(1) If the pure energy of original love is a physical system then WHERE can it be found within man’s physical being?
(2) What work does this original love do and how do we know it’s at work?
(3) and can this systems speed be measured?
[1] Issue number 1 questions where this Energy can be found. If love is an energy where within ourselves is the most potential energy stored? Pure Energy, be it potential or kinetic, can be found within our mind’s. The power of the mind and paying attention to what we think about has been taught to us for centuries through diffrent means as in the bible ” As a man thinketh so is he” proverbs chpt. 23: 7. What we have failed to learn was HOW to harness the power of these emotions. Let me show you the evidence that the energy of love is held within the mind. What happens when you have an idea? An impulse transmitt’s from the neuron to the dendrite of another. Hold on Now, that impulse that’s transmitted what is that? An impulse is the ENERGY that is transfered from nerve to nerve, sometimes shown as electromagnetic energy as in a lightning strike.
[2] Issue 2 questions what work does love do and what attributes can we look for to know it’s at work. Once a person achieve’s this original love they will have the capacity to discern the true essence of life, people, and situation’s that may occur. Love will become a predominant attribute. “Reasoning deals only with particular’s where as love deals with entireties. Original love gives one the capacity for instantaneous recognition of the totality of a problem.” Original love is all inclusive and expands ones sense of self progressiveness. It has no barriers except those it creates. It does not attack negativity but instead recontextualizes it. It has no position, it is global and above seperation. These are just a few of the attributes that allow us to know that this system is at work.

Jesse Maurice Stinson
DOC #A710916

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